November 07, 2004

wake up / hold your mistake up

there was a nebulous two-liner about my current mindset here, but I sat down with a cup of hot chocolate (the trick: real chocolate, scalding milk, and a pinch of salt) and figured out exactly what it was that was bothering me.

in one of my psych classes the other day, we were lectured about the concept of cognitive dissonance; the feeling that one gets when they realize that their actions and their worldview are not in sync, generally when someone else calls them on their hypocrisy.

there are two responses to this: change the action to suit the worldview, or rationalize it away by means of excuses.

I realized that I'd been acting out of line with my own beliefs, and that I've been rationalizing for far too long.
So I need to make some changes.

Starting with studying instead of writing this.

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