July 29, 2003

microentries: 1 of many.


dinner at payne's was fun, car ride home wasn't.

"do you want a ride home?"
"do I have a choice in the matter?"


welcome to blogging, naf.


psycholology undergraduate advisor = suck.
"go to room 2527 for drop in appointments."
get to room 2527, there's nobody there.


stupid rechargeable battery.
if I'm editing on the MD (dividing tracks, shortening tracks, adding names, etc), and the battery dies (usually I have it plugged in while editing, but I didn't because the battery meter was at 3/4ths), then I've effectively wiped an MD. this is what happened last night.
luckily, it was only the gaudy-ass mix disc (the disc is gaudy, the music is mixed), but it's still annoying.


writing cover letters is a pain in the ass.


note to V: who won the pool?



July 23, 2003


I hate not having the internet at home.
Besides lacking the capacity to MSN, I can't blog right when things hit me, and I miss, well, Paige.

I'd say more later, but I don't know when later is.



July 21, 2003

take that, electrons!

well, I passed CHEM 121, and I must have done pretty damn good on the final, given that I skipped an entire page (calculating atom size from the degree at which an x-ray is diffracted = confusing) but I managed to get a 57 overall - which is averaged with the 45 from beforehand.

so, I'm buying a headphone amp as a self-reward.
yes. I said headphone amp. Mock me now, but you will be amazed later. Well, Graham and Paige mostly; the rest of you are philistines.


July 17, 2003

ATTN eggos: I haven't forgotten about you. Will see you soon. And stop being such a slut - I heard about you and Trevor.

(note: I am not crazy. Only bored.)


July 15, 2003

stuck here, in the middle of nowhere, with a headache and a heavy heart.

paige mentioned that I wasn't terribly detail-oriented about my sources of melancholy, so here's a breakdown, lifted from an email I sent her:

moving is over with... for now. my dad's started looking for a house in the same area, and we're all emphasizing the transiency of this move (if I could find the camera, I'd send a picture of my closet). I don't like the area, firstly because it's closer to two hours than to an hour and a half for me to get home, and also because all the people are afraid of me, because I am a late-teens to mid-twenties brown guy. I was amused the first time, but now I'm annoyed; being grouped in with a bunch of middle-class suburban faux-gangster kids simply because of my skin tone and age group is somewhat aggravating.
with no internet or cable, I've been doing more reading, mostly Discworld books (comic fantasy) borrowed from jake (asshat friend).
I hate my room. It's pink, and there's a cacophony of jungle animals on a stupid trim piece that runs around the entire room. My bed is right on the floor, there's no room for my dresser with mirror, so I only have the wardrobe in there, large spiders seem to be attracted to it, and I can't put things up on the wall because there's no masking tape and I don't want to deal with accidentally removed paint.
I haven't worked for almost a year, unless you count temp jobs like polling and calendars. I'm not looking forward to doing parking at the PNE - I didn't put anything specific down because I hoped they'd have picked me for something ACF-ish, but I get to tell people where to park, instead.
The welcome back barbeque will be nothing compared to radiohead - also, if you're living in the office, I can steal you the electric wok, which is everything it sounds like (plug in, and stir fry.)

[paige-specific bit; if you want to know, ask her]

my sister and her husband are heading for splitsville - I think it's a trial separation now, and possibly a divorce later. this means she'll be moving back in, and that we'll be back to five people in a three-bedroom house. I found that out saturday morning; I don't know how long she'll be back, and walking on eggshells + current instabilities don't bode well.
chemistry is boring and stupid. fuck you, electrons!


July 12, 2003

last night: I found out my sister is probably going to be living with us for a while - time to get reacquainted with the couch.

this morning: did paperwork for job, went to pick shifts (you pick a page and it has times and locations for the two-week period), and found that none were free on saturday the 30th, so I picked the timesheet with the earliest end time (3:30pm)

one step forward, two steps back.


July 11, 2003

it's 8:30. assuming that the gang left at 5am (you said 4:30, but we're talking about Spencer here), they should have passed Hope a little while ago.
I would like nothing more than to be in that minivan, happily cramped into the faux spaciousness (headroom yes, legroom no) with no purpose other than to go and make a certain citizen of Canmore (Canmorite? Canmorian?) extremely happy. Instead, I'm sitting here in the south side lounge, waiting to go to my midmorning na-- chem class and typing on a computer three letters behind.

the worst part isn't the disappointment, or the sadness, or, for that matter, the guy beside me who is reading english tabloid stories and shooting the occasional glance over here. it's the resignation; the utter and total knowledge that I knew I wouldn't make it.

it's moving from ;_; to :|

It's not me. It's never me. My problems are small, and generally easily solved.

so far I've missed:
- staying out during production week (no real reason).
- Coldplay (a wedding)
- Tent Drinking (had to babysit older brother)
- Canmore (first it was "moving". now it's "your sister's situation is stressing us out, and having you god-knows-where won't help anything")

I'd like to get angry and yell at people and possibly break things. It won't happen because it's not the way I do things. I'm going to finish this post, go grab a bagel, and head off to learn about intermolecular forces.

(because I have no home internet, here's something I meant to post yesterday)

wednesday night was.... interesting.
grabbed a friend, who is known to me (and Vanessa) as the one who didn't change after grade 12. actually, he hasn't changed since grade 9. it has its ups and downs - his house is the only place I can go and be left alone for hours at a time, but he has all the tact of a 14 year-old and an incessant need to be right.
went out for late-night AYCE sushi and damming - usually an equation for fun.
I didn't think it would go too well, and I was right.
we went, we dropped, we ran back to the car. ceramic fruit were better for tossing out of cars than for dropping off dams - doesn't matter now, because there's none left.
jake was unimpressed, I caught graham shooting shea a lot of looks at sushi, most of which said "get a load of this guy."
we were dropped off a little after midnight.

what made it all worth it, mind you, was the voicemail I got from graham shortly afterwards.
"without doubt, your friend is the biggest asshat I have met. Including Kazzer."
and then the rest of the message is a snippet from There There


July 09, 2003

had the weirdest dream last night:

I'm lying in bed (can't remember if I'm reading or if I'm going to bed), and my dad walks in, tosses a manila envelope onto my chest, says "this came for you" and then walks out.
I sit up in bed, open up the top... and my alarm clock went off.

I know it's not straight deja vu - when I get those, it's more like three seconds taken out of context, often a scene that I don't recognize, but will be in (at?) in the near future. I got a fair bit of those for AUS activities - the first few poster parties, and the time when I broke into chem with Eaton, and then went back with Spencer, Geoff England and an F-Master were ones that stick with me.

on the grand old scale of weird, it's not a huge deal, but something about it is on my mind, causing me to be writing this in the C-Block Mac Lab, and not be in my chem class.


July 05, 2003

well, shit.
there go my images.
[adds to list of things to do]

headphones got to paige safely.
[takes off list of things to worry about]

my sister's laptop keyboard confuses the hell out of me.
I miss my eight-button mouse.


July 04, 2003

was told that we're for sure not getting cable in delta.

I'm so becoming an internet hobo.

also, canadian keyboards are confusing as fuck.

current mood: amused
current music: Ladder to the Sun - Coldplay


July 03, 2003

cable's been cut.
today is my last day in east van.
all further updates will come from the office.



July 02, 2003

blogspot shoutout!

graham = awesome.

shower him with affection, but only if you are hot, female, and not in the greater vancouver area.
if you are hot, female, and in the greater vancouver area, shower me with affection.
no use wasting it, after all.


bad news: we'll be out of here by friday.

good news: there's a box of records, and a box with a sega genesis, two controllers and a bunch of games slated for donation to the salvation army.

Unless, of course, I want them for something.


July 01, 2003

moved most of my stuff out today.
it's the bed, clothes, portable audio gear (like I'd let that leave my sight), and THE GODDAMN RACK OF BANGLES that remain.

in happier news, I found my old "the first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers" t-shirt.
it's awesome because:
a) it's shakespeare.
b) it's from the best school trip I ever took.
c) it is, in fact, the shirt I removed for the "honk if you want more skin" section of the busride.