December 25, 2005

no Christmas haul over here, partially because I refused to allow a tree in the room where I slept, and partially because of the impending mortgage.


December 24, 2005


so I have a waffle maker, but I have no recipe to use in it.
A search of the internet(s) provides countless recipes, all of which seem to have some interestingness. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to try them all out. Years of watching America's Test Kitchen and endless spare time have left me with the ability to pull out what ingredients affect which variables, and from there I'll eventually work out a pretty awesome recipe, I hope.

what does what is beyond the cut

these are pretty much the basics required for waffles and/or pancakes.

baking powder: provides the majority of the lift, but too much leaves an unpleasant aftertaste.
flour: the structure and fillingness. too much and it's sodden, too little and you're eating an omelette.
sugar: not just sweetness, but also browning control.
salt: a pinch is necessary in any baked goods to bring the other flavors forward. put a little in your hot chocolate some time.

milk: most recipes used milk instead of water. I don't know why. Maybe it's a flavor thing.
liquid fat: I don't know what this does. I think it makes the flour not build too many bonds, allowing for a tender waffle.
egg whites: when beaten and then folded in, they provide lightness to the batter.
egg yolks: richness, also so you don't have random yolks kickin' it in the fridge.
vanilla: to reduce the eggyness of it all.



Went to Celebrities with the intention to party down, but instead ended up people watching with Al and Neil. Half the people who were coming didn't get in, so Al and I ditched to go back to his place and watch Serenity and play the drinking game. More accurately, we were drinking according to abridged rules, else we get wasted on rules designed for a 40-minute show. Specifically: Drink when Chinese is spoken. Drink when Mal is chivalrous. Drink when powers are used for evil. Drink when people get punched. Discovered that someone had drank the Jack I'd left at Kerrisdale Alpha in preparation for the party I didn't make it to.
Was distracted by Tanqueray and raspberry ginger ale in conjunction with the AlMac on which we were watching Serenity (which was pretty cool and means I'll probably throw Firefly on the iPod next.)

Slept in.
Went to work.
Ran into Vanessa on the 135, which negated any concerns I had about being late. Read book Neil gave me on music writing. Worked and drank gatorade, would have been skull-crushingly bored if not for the other people there, which pretty much sums up work at the PNE.

More PNE. Mom gave me a ride into Vancouver on her way to physio, so I got dropped off at 29th Ave station at 7:twentysomething AM, and on a #16 shortly thereafter. Had coffee at nondescript place on Hastings and Nanaimo. Had London Fog at Starbucks while waiting for Asian bakeries to open so I can get some egg tarts and other baked goods for work munching. No egg tarts within timeframe, so I trudge to work and, well, work.
Someone decides that they need to do a Starbucks run, and in a moment of confusion, I order another London Fog instead of something caffeinated to keep me awake. Said drink bites me in the ass again when it gets knocked over and onto the E4's - momentary panic and disassembly later, things are fine.
Later the same day, we get pulled aside individually as to extend contracts, which is when I mention that I won't be renewing mine, and that while it's been fun and the people are great, I think it's time to move on. And so I will. My last shift is the 30th, at which point I'll hand over the key, ID, and uniform, and go down to two jobs for the first time since... September 2004.
On way home, buy coat. You'll probably all see it soonish, as it's warm and less formal than the calf-length one.

spend day at home, with exception of errands with mother.
I now own a wafflemaker.


December 20, 2005

larger news:

we're moving at the end of January.

it's farther into Surrey, but at least I have a bedroom again. And apparently my own bathroom.


sea change

Looking at the archives, I seem to be posting big huge overviews and then not writing anything for two to three weeks at a time, which means my frontpage posts go all the way back to October.

Weirdly, my hits have gone up.

I don't know if I want to retire this or make more regular (Alasdair-style, perhaps?) posts. Maybe I'll try both and see.


something original I said

from Koerner's last night with Jon F:

"...Dr. Phil's a grade A douchebag."
"See, now I don't know about that. If I had a vagina, he totally wouldn't be allowed near it."


December 12, 2005

because I have nothing original to say

that's not entirely true, but since most of the original things I have to say are either mopetacular or involve a certain NES-controller-tattooed girl that I'd like to see more of (and should probably call) that I'm not much in the mood to recount, you'll have to settle for the Winter Holiday A1 Wishlist meme that makes its way around, as memes are wont to do.

it's a bit longish, so it's behind some cuts.

the instructions
my wishes
my info
Step One

  • Make a post (public, friendslocked, filtered...whatever you're comfortable with) to your LJ. The post should contain your list of 10 holiday wishes. The wishes can be anything at all, from simple and random ("I'd love a Snape/Hermione icon that's just for me") to medium ("I wish for _____ on DVD") to really big ("All I want for Christmas is a new car/computer/house/TV.") The important thing is, make sure these wishes are things you really, truly want.
  • If you wish for real life things (not pics or icons), make sure you include some sort of contact info in your post, whether it's your address or just your email address where Santa (or one of his elves) could get in touch with you.
  • Also, make sure you post some version of these guidelines in your LJ so that the holiday joy will spread.

Step Two
  • Surf around your friendslist (or friendsfriends, or just random journals) to see who has posted their list. And now here's the important part:
  • If you see a wish you can grant, and it's in your heart to do so, make someone's wish come true. Sometimes someone's trash is another's treasure, and if you have a leather jacket you don't want or a gift certificate you won't use--or even know where you could get someone's dream purebred Basset Hound for free--do it.
  • you needn't spend money on these wishes unless you want to. The point isn't to put people out, it's to provide everyone a chance to be someone else's holiday elf--to spread the joy. Gifts can be made anonymously or not--it's your call.

There are no rules with this project, no guarantees, and no strings attached. Just...wish, and it might come true. Give, and you might receive. And you'll have the joy of knowing you made someone's holiday special
my wishes.

my wishes

  1. Make me a Desert Island mix CD. But don't make it for me. Pick the tracks you'd stick on if they were the only 80 minutes of music you'd have on you until you get rescued (or eaten by The Monster, if this is LOST we're talking about), and then tell me why.
  2. A massage. I've been told carry my stress in my shoulders, and I've been sleeping on a couch half a foot too small for me for the last seven months. Bonus points if you ask anything as ridiculous as if I've been wrestling bears.
  3. Let's do something. Coffee and eyeglass frame shopping? Done. Picking a foggy day to wander around Stanley Park and take photos? Fuck yeah. Drinking Jack and Coke out of Nalgene bottles and making fun of people on Robson for an afternoon? Hells yes. I don't see far too many of you nearly often enough, so let's make it memorable and/or absurdist.
  4. Introduce me to someone you think I'd get along with.
  5. Send me something to decorate my impending bedroom with.
  6. Knit me a scarf, or better, knit a scarf with me.
  7. Beer. The better... the better?
  8. Glasses to go with said beer.
  9. Inform me of your favorite way to destress.
  10. Tell me something I should know. You can do this anonymously on the LJ post - I can't figure out how to enable anonymous commenting on only the one Blogger post.

I totally lost steam between 5 and 8, but whatever.

my info

gerald dot deo at gmail dot com

gerald deo
one one six six three eighty-sixth avenue
delta, bc
v four c two x five

Remember: do what you want, put up your lists so other people can do you... up.



yet another meme/questionnaire beyond the cut:

1. Your name spelled backwards? oeD rawhsidgaJ dlareG
2. Where were your parents born? Suva and Navua, Fiji.
3. What is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer? Soulwax's Nite Versions album.
4. What's your favorite restaurant? The Eatery, for now.
5. Last time you swam in a pool? A couple weeks ago.
6. Have you ever been in a school play? Nope.
7.Have you ever worn braces? Not yet.
8. Type of music you DISLIKE most? Noise (the genre, I mean). Pop-punk-rock, ie Billy Talent and others of its ilk.
9. Are you registered to vote? Of course.
10. Do you have cable? Yes.
11. Have you ever ridden on a moped? Not yet.
12. Ever prank-called anybody? Yes.
13. Do you have all 10 fingers and toes? Yeah, but I've almost lost a couple.
14. Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving? Yeah.
15. Furthest place you ever traveled? New Zealand.
16. Do you have a garden? No.
17. What's your favorite comic strip? Calvin and Hobbes.
18. Do you really know all the words to your national anthem? Yes. In both languages.
19. Bath or Shower, morning or night? Shower.
20. Best movie you've seen in the past month? Does the BSG miniseries count? It's about as long as a bollywood movie...
21. Favorite pizza toppings? Chicken, mushrooms and green pepper.
22. Chips or popcorn? Chips.
23. What color lipstick do you usually wear? Don't.
24. Have you ever smoked peanut shells? Raisins would be a better thing to ask.
25. Have you ever played a team sport? Nope.
26. Orange Juice or apple? Apple.
27. Who was the last person you went out to dinner with and where? With just the one person? Sarah Costa at the eatery, I think.
28. Favorite type of chocolate bar? Dark chocolate, usually Lindt 56% or 70%, also a total sucker for anything with hazelnuts.
29.When was the last time you voted at the polls? May 19.
30. Last time you ate a homegrown tomato? No idea.
31. Have you ever won a trophy? No.
32. Are you a good cook? Yes. To the max.
33. Do you know how to pump your own gas? No. I also forget how to walk, sometimes.[/sarcasm]
34. Ever ordered from an infomercial? No. Almost everywhere else, though, so maybe it's just a matter of time.
35. Sprite or 7up? 7up.
36. Have you ever had to wear a uniform to work? Yeah. House of Brussels Chocolates had me in a ridiculous maroon apron, but nothing comes close to PNE Parking's uniform of yellow polo and black pants, and no sunglasses that obscured your eyes allowed.
37. Last thing you bought at a Walgreens?
38. Ever thrown up in public? Only the once, and we all know that story...
39. Would you prefer being a millionaire or finding true love? Love.
40. Do you believe in love at first sight? ...or do I need to walk by again?
41. Can ex's be just friends? If both parties want to, and if they're okay with it not being the same.
42. Who was the last person you visited in a hospital? The last three times I've been to a hospital, it was because I was accompanying someone to emergency, so while that's not what's specifically being asked, it's the closest to an answer I've got.
43. Did you have a lot of hair as a baby? Oddly, no.
44. What message is on your answering machine? Hey, you've reached Gerald; sorry I can't take your call. Please leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
45. Where would you like to go? Back to New Zealand, and probably into Southeast Asia from there. Perhaps also South America.
46. What was the name of your first pet? My aquatic snail, Pac-Man. He had four fish friends, each named after the ghosts. I was allergic to anything with fur as a child, as we found out when my sister had a rabbit.
47. What kind of backpack do you have, and what's in it? I have a Swiss Army messenger bag and it's usually got school stuff in it (books, clipboard, notebook, dayplanner, etc) but at the moment it's got my overnight gear in.
48. Who is your best friend of the opposite sex? Patricia, Naf, Costa. I don't think of people as "best friends" all that much.
49. What is one thing you are grateful for today? Today it's painkillers.
50. What do you think about most? Change.