October 16, 2006


glarkware :: frakkin toaster -- NoN -- ships late nov

this doesn't get to me until november, but goddamn if I'm not excited now.


braces, day 90

I'm not actually keeping count or anything, merely noting via Wikipedia which day of the year July 18th was (199) and which one this is (289) and then doing the math.

that said: I can live with this. The only real problems are the speed at which I go through toothbrushes, flossing and financing, and those are relatively minimal and I can see the effects already.

In retrospect, I should've taken monthly photos, but it seems like that would be making a bigger deal out of it, and while I'm quite pleased that this is a large positive change, there's no use fetishizing it.

I am, however, approaching the point where my jaw misalignment is pretty apparent, and while that's progress of some sort, it's also moving closer to the infamous jaw surgery, which promises to be a) painful, b) expensive, and c) will mean I can't talk for roughly ten weeks.

I'll cross that bridge when I get to it, I suppose.


October 13, 2006

wrapped up in books

it's weird to realize that impulse-buying novels has become an avoidance mechanism and even stranger to make an effort to stop, but here I go.

the last six books for me to read are queued; three novels, what is apparently the best typography book written in a long time, the second of three photography books from Ansel Adams and then a re-read of Pattern Recognition, for nothing more than the flow of Gibson's sentences.

after that, I intend to move from almost solely consuming back into creation; I'm looking forward to getting my photographer's eye back. Also I find more practice helps my writing get better; both in terms of content and deliverance.

for now, I'm going to go finish Wind Waker and then shelve the Cube for a bit; while I admit to shifting gears rather abruptly, it's no excuse to leave things unfinished.


October 12, 2006

for posterity

me: "oh, fuck off. you're the one who was threatening to spoon me shortly after I met you."
corbett: "I didn't know you were going to like it!"
me: "well, fuck; neither did I."
corbett: "shut up and take the shot.
also, pour some beam into the slurpees."
me: "dude, it's 3 pm."
"let's roll."

and that was how we kicked off one hell of a saturday at whistler.


October 11, 2006


the thing about posting lately is that I sit down and end up wanting to write three things in one, and in doing so end up doing nothing. I guess the most intuitive thing would be to write all three, so, uh, here goes. no neil-fu this post, and I'll explain that one later.

the thing about whistler for me is that none of the things that you're supposed to be doing, seeing, thinking about, or planning for are the ones that stick with you. This year's short themes for me were: bonding with Bock (things are cyclical; this was my year to watch over the puker and make sure he had water while he slept)  and T-Whatever (Cosy/Rex/Bone/Bag/etley); coming back up to speed on ACF; quality time with Ryan; getting comfortable with my satellite-like status; and seeing Pringle again.

came back from whistler, passed out in the office (and didn't go home) then went out to sushi to see Jill, going from Old Man to young'un, and walking in to meet Paul to be introduced with "this is Gerald. we became friends after he puked on my feet." It was nice to reconnect on both ends, to remind myself of this transitory phase (within a transitory phase) and also to where I want to be in six months, as a motivation.

there's more to say here, and I'll get back to it later; for now I'm going to ogle cameras and create a savings plan to afford one.