March 31, 2007

argh and/or bah.

you know it's not going to end well when your day starts off with putting contacts in backwards.

    anyway, a to-do:
  • finish safety plan

  • draft design for client

  • put up sample work for Little Sister's

  • get done in time to go out

somehow I doubt the last one is going to work out.


March 30, 2007

the more things change...

...the more they stay the same.
This marks four years of blogging, of ups and downs recorded for some sort of posterity, and as much as I think sometimes that it's pointless and indulgent and wholly unnecessary, I've continued regardless and there're no signs of stopping -- maybe it is a good idea.

funnily, my problems remain pretty much the same: parents don't like me doing Fair, my sister drives me mad, I hate the bus, and I don't know what I'm going to do with my life.
there are new twists, but at the core, it makes me wonder if I have changed as much from my seventeen-year-old self as I like to think I have.

Anyway: onwards to Year Five. I hope it's better than Year Four was, because I really don't want to think about the alternative.

PS: leave a comment re: your favorite/most memorable post. I'm curious to see what you all say.


March 25, 2007


so I installed movable type... now, do I want to move all this content over there, or should I make it some sort of design-thoughts-only workblog?


March 18, 2007

open letter

Dear Movable Type,

I will install you, and then I will use you, and you will be the backbone of my website. There is no point in resisting with your silly 500 Errors - I will upload in your finicky ASCII-not-binary mode, and I will run your CGI scripts to ensure that my provider has the necessary perl scripts and then you will fall to me. There will be pwnage.

Simmering discontent,

Addendum: one CHMOD, and that shit fell faster than Rome to the m-effing Vandals.
Post-Addendum: the cavalry seems to have arrived, in the form of a hash that doesn't match up. Not hash like the drug, but hash as in a code encoded from the contents of a file so that you know you've got the right file.


March 16, 2007


Dad's here, standing behind me cleaning out his desk (for the third time this week; how he manages to accumulate so much that he seems to be throwing more out than ever doing anything is beyond me but that's a story for another time.)

unfortunately this means I can't work on the ACF Safety Plan, nor on the slightly more intensive ACF Disaster Plan that the Fire and Rescue guy (who, in retrospect, looked an awful lot like Horn-Rimmed-Glasses Man from Heroes) asked me for, and instead, I am going to go downstairs and play Wii when I'd rather not (shock!).

Also, this means that I have to carry the drafts around fairly carefully, as Corbett (badly) drew a penis on the cover page, with a little speech bubble that reads, "I'm Dicky!"

Don't get me wrong, I'm far from mad at Corbett, nor do I hate having to do the Safety/Disaster Plans (and along the same lines, the Comm Protocol) but that I'd like to be able to show my parents and work... publically and to say "I'm going to an All-Heads Meeting" and not "I'm going for coffee."

It's a lot of important work and that I have to do it so furtively is enraging, and I hate that I've become such a good liar as a result.

Anyway, time to go and do nothing when I should be doing something.



March 04, 2007

trial the second

after this chat:
me: i think i want to go for an almost 1700s-map feel
Spencer: that would be neat
with a squid consuming a ship
me: with sort of a parchment tone to the backgrounds, sIFR'd fonts that look like they came out of an actual press, and yeah, menacing-ass squid.

I freehanded another attempt in flash:



March 02, 2007

for nicki

this is what I was talking about - the jpg makes it crappy but the concept remains.


you's a ho

well, I'm a ho, actually.
a consumer ho.

having received my Source payout, I went and bought the following things:
- two domains ( and; nothing is up on either of them)
- an iPod shuffle (blue, named Humboldt, using a gift card and some cash)
- Sasquatch tickets (jesus!), to get my (X)HTML on...