March 16, 2007


Dad's here, standing behind me cleaning out his desk (for the third time this week; how he manages to accumulate so much that he seems to be throwing more out than ever doing anything is beyond me but that's a story for another time.)

unfortunately this means I can't work on the ACF Safety Plan, nor on the slightly more intensive ACF Disaster Plan that the Fire and Rescue guy (who, in retrospect, looked an awful lot like Horn-Rimmed-Glasses Man from Heroes) asked me for, and instead, I am going to go downstairs and play Wii when I'd rather not (shock!).

Also, this means that I have to carry the drafts around fairly carefully, as Corbett (badly) drew a penis on the cover page, with a little speech bubble that reads, "I'm Dicky!"

Don't get me wrong, I'm far from mad at Corbett, nor do I hate having to do the Safety/Disaster Plans (and along the same lines, the Comm Protocol) but that I'd like to be able to show my parents and work... publically and to say "I'm going to an All-Heads Meeting" and not "I'm going for coffee."

It's a lot of important work and that I have to do it so furtively is enraging, and I hate that I've become such a good liar as a result.

Anyway, time to go and do nothing when I should be doing something.


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Anonymous said...

Yes, if only you could tell your parents.

Wait. Gerald, are you sure we’re still talking about ACF here?

…Sorry, I've been watching A LOT of Six Feet Under over the past week. Like, a whole lot.