June 27, 2006

I'm not dead!

...I want to live!

haven't posted for a while due to work (90 hours! 6 days! one festival! I'm a professional now!) as well as Debutante Ball preparations and whatnot (ps send me your photos) and continuing the job hunt, but rest assured that the Coles Notes are slowly being compiled.

anyway: came home Saturday night to discover that my sister had bought four guppies to keep Jack and Aaron (my pet fighting fish who live in separate bowls) company. I didn't think this was a good idea, but decided to let it slide, probably because I was too tired to deal with it.
The guppies were put in, two to a bowl, yesterday, and seemed to have acclimatized as of last night. As of this morning, though, Jack and Aaron were chasing their respective guppies around the bowl, leading me to change their names from Mike and Palmer (for Aaron's guppies) to Sherry and Logan, and from Tony and Curtis (for Jack's guppies) to Nina and Saunders.

and yes, there is a theme.


June 09, 2006

five in heavy rotation

I haven't done one of these for a while, which means that most of you probably haven't either. It's really very simple: pick five songs you've been listening to a lot in the last week, and write a couple lines about them and/or how they reflect on the greater context of, well, you.

Here I go (in no order):

Okkervil River - Another Radio Song
I've written and rewritten this blurb four times, and no matter which way I approach it, I end up with a conclusion I'm thoroughly unsatisfied with. Give it a couple listens. Maybe it'll grab you the same way it did me. Who knows.

...and you will know us by the trail of dead - Heart in the Hand of the Matter
The odd one out. I'm not really sure what to make of it except maybe that the iPod likes it a lot and sneaks it into shuffle. Of course, anthromorphizing a piece of consumer electronics is a whole other barrel of monkeys.

Rogue Wave - 10:1
Infectious sunshine pop. Waking up to this (as I've been doing lately) is like punching morning doldrums in the face.

Calexico - Sunken Waltz
I don't know why, but if you write anything not classical in 3/4 time, I will put it on repeat, and probably add it to the running playlist on my iPod called "Waltzes." No idea, but I'm a total sucker for 'em. This is another one of those.

Barenaked Ladies - Too Little Too Late
"Be good
I would
If only I was understood"


all five can be downloaded here
it's a yousendit link, so it'll expire after 25 downloads or a week. I'll put it up again if necessary, so long as the requester puts up their own Five in Heavy Rotation.


cue the whitesnake

had two interviews last week, and just got the rejection email from the second one.

here I go again (on my own).


June 04, 2006

from earlier today

Jess: "who would possibly leave an 8-track player in a bush?"
Me: "squirrels. [pause]
squirrels with funk."



looks like I lost another image host, so both the friends page and my images'll be down for a bit.