September 04, 2006

half of everyone else moves around

my image host packed the fuck up and bailed on hosting with nary an email to their subscribers.


I think it's time to retire this layout anyway, so it'll seem a little boring (okay, fine, really boring) until I throw down a new one.


still got your words and you got your friends

I am learning to be okay with things, and also to change the things that need changing before they become... problematic.

I am trying (and advising others, which seems strange at this junction) to move in the direction of happiness, be the happiness in the movement, journey, or endpoint (ideally all three).

I am attempting to be less paranthetical, and I don't think I can do it alone.

I am not going to school tomorrow, and I don't know how I feel about that.

I think things will only be as I let them be.


days of being mild

I am working full-time, doing data entry (interviewing people didn't pan out; I didn't really like it and I'd get headaches at least once a week.) and since I spend eight hours a day in front of a keyboard typing, doing more of it recreationally seems... counterintuitive, at best.

It's strange that no blog and no regular contact has made what interaction remains a little more intense; I am now a weekend warrior of some degree and cannot wait until this is no longer the case.