June 29, 2004

ah, capitalism: part 2 of what is probably going to be many.

eBay item 3684821346 (Ends 29-Jun-04 18:15:21 EDT) - RedWingsFan@GMail.com

things just got a whole lot more interesting.

edit: I just registered 3 accounts with the intent of selling them. whee!


yesterday's thoughts, neatly timestamped

after about half an hour, I'm convinced that my poll supervisor knows what she's doing, but doesn't believe that she knows what she's doing. She seems ready to explode, but things are running okay. The Conservative scrutineer team has arrived; 3 old brown men and one younger one in a suit. Could be interesting.

due to lack of anyone, I am now being paid to read Return of the King.
Fuck. Yes.

it's recess outside, and a bunch of kids showed up outside the gym doors to ask if they could vote. When rejected, they had a quick chat with the information officer (guy at the door who directs people) about the parties and then went off to play kickball. Lucky bastards.

asked for current address, got a life story. I hope this doesn't happen a lot.

I don't speak Punjabi.


    I have the strangest urge to register someone while talking like a pirate.
  • "Arr, what be thine current residence?"
  • "Have thee thine driverrr's licence?"
  • "Thine ballot is democracy's booty"
  • "Walking the plank be nothing should thou be lying about thy citzenrrry."
  • "Y'arr! Exercise thine right to vote or I shall send ye to Davy Jones' Locker! Y'arr!!"

also introduced my registration officer partner to the concept of Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Conservative candidate just came by to "thank us for all our hard work."

the intent was certainly there; I almost had to make put my arms up and make lots of noise.

    this place needs music; the creaking of chairs and blendered conversation are ludicrous.
  • Carrion - British Sea Power
  • Little House of Savages - Walkmen
  • Electioneering - Radiohead
  • Almost Crimes - Broken Social Scene
  • Come On My Selector - Squarepusher

More RoTK.

Liberal scrutineers = cute brown girls.
Conservative scrutineers = old brown men.

    alternate methods of leadership determination:
  • dance games
  • paintball
  • Death Ball (from JSRF)
  • naval battles

Dear Stupid Poll Clerks,
When we ask you to check if someone is on the voter's list, CHECK IF THEY'RE ON THE VOTERS LIST.

I don't speak Punjabi. Stop assuming.

Have been sending text messages to Spencer and Naf all day. I wonder if that counts as taint.

Judging from who fraternizes with which scrutineers, the Conservative power base appears to lie with the older Punjabi people; who are most often parents brought over by their pseudo-yuppie Liberal voting children.
I wonder what'll happen as the turnover proceeds.

Have found the envelope full of extra scrutineer tags, including several now-defunct parties.

"I'm in the wrong place, through no fault of your own, and you're trying to help me get where I need to be?
Fuck that noise. I'll settle for you making feel guilty and useless instead."
- inside the head of a random brown lady.

if your elderly mother doesn't speak English, and the registration table consists of a coconut and a caucasian, DON'T LEAVE HER ALONE WITH THEM.

I continue to not speak Punjabi.
Maybe I should put up a sign.

having been throwing been Diet Coke all day (1.42L and counting), I could cause some serious bodily harm for some rum about now.

polls closed. Off to the other bit of this job.

have now moved to head office; will be receiving results as they are called in. This makes for 13+ hours of paid work. Might just be able to afford Curiousa.

Speaking of - who's in? As much fun as a Corbett/Gerald roadtrip would be, more people = more awesome.

people are amazed that I share.
I'm confused.

first results.

riding caffeine high.
last real meal was at 4-ish.
have been throwing down mini-Mars and Snickers washed down with more Diet Coke.

this can't be healthy.
will drink ludicrous amounts of water tomorrow to make amends with digestive system.
until then...

have scored a reference out of all this insanity.

now, to save-on, to meet the parents.
but first, the Hot Donut light is on...


June 28, 2004

one more cog in the electoral wheels

people are stupid.
I am tired after 16 hours of elections work.
documented my thoughts, and will type them up later.

have a good night.


June 26, 2004


I don't know why Sarah and I end up making such exciting drinks (we last collaborated on the Gerald Special), but I'm not going to complain.

anyway, last night we created something that is still nameless; we were too busy enjoying the thing to dub it properly.

  • 1-2 oz gin
  • a healthy squeeze of lime
  • half a can of Citrus Splash 7-Up
  • a splash of orange juice
    garnish with a lime wedge, and enjoy.

a Gerald Special?
    in a martini glass:
  • 1-2 oz vodka
  • splash of cranberry juice
  • splash of orange juice
  • top with 7-up

hanging out at Costa's was fun; hadn't seen some people in ages, and although I missed out on Karl getting shot in the face (with a suction cup arrow), it was bitchin'.

also formulated plans for the night in which I smoke, drink, and gamble - haven't done all 3, and I keep intending to... suggestions, anyone?


June 24, 2004

question time:

change the photos on the side?

they're a bit summerier(yes, I know, not a word), and I'd probably change the colour scheme around, too...
leave a comment, either way.


June 23, 2004

ah, capitalism

eBay - gmail, Software, Memberships, and Other Hardware Services items at low prices

it's interesting that GMail invites are the new hot commodity.
had I been thinking about it when I got my account, I would have sold my invites and not given them away to the likes of you.

...no matter. I've got 5 left, and google's being pretty liberal with them so drop me a line if you want in.


June 22, 2004

June 21, 2004

that's luck, she said.

not the internship manager.
I suppose this is where I rationalize things and make myself feel better about it.

back to the grind.

mood: phlegmy
music: AC Newman - Come Crash


June 19, 2004

"I have clean water and the vote. Life is good."*

and they were right.

fuck this.
I tire of moping.

Once I vanquish this cold, it's time to do things differently.
Until then, blood and souls for my lord arioch!! fluids and bedrest.
And comics.
News: am registration clerking for elections canada. am weirdly, suddenly ill, and the drugs/fever combo are affecting my verbiage. have given up any semblance of a normal job, and will be applying to as many temp/part time/paper routes/what have you as I can. should be interesting. will probably buy a bus pass (2-zone; did the risk/reward and it works well out in my favor) hence I'll be around more. have curtains now. fabric will also make exciting shorts. physio has been immensely helpful.
oh, right. I think this counts as being back.
dunno if I'll redo the design. It's grown on me.
*author of quote wishes to remain anonymous. thus, they will remain anonymous.


June 11, 2004

why do you build me up (buttercup)?

July 2003 - 6 months, he said..
"It'll be an experiment; we'll be there and back and things will be fine."
They came and went. I'm still here. Things aren't fine.

July. "We've barely lived here. You can't hate it yet."
August. "The commute will be better when school starts."
September. "Is it really that bad?"
October. "6 months, remember?"
November. "Your brother likes it here, and I think it's more convenient..."
December. "You'll be home when?"
January. "Just a little longer."
February. "I need to get this one listing done..."
March. "I promise. Soon."
April. "I hate it here as much as you do."
May. "After exams."
June "August. Seriously this time."

I'm not getting my hopes up this time. It'll make dealing with the inevitable easier.


June 06, 2004

today's objet d'hot

Leica - Digilux 2

now, do I want to go to school for a year, or do I want the camera?


June 04, 2004

worth writing about

Pitchfork: Daily Music News