June 29, 2004

yesterday's thoughts, neatly timestamped

after about half an hour, I'm convinced that my poll supervisor knows what she's doing, but doesn't believe that she knows what she's doing. She seems ready to explode, but things are running okay. The Conservative scrutineer team has arrived; 3 old brown men and one younger one in a suit. Could be interesting.

due to lack of anyone, I am now being paid to read Return of the King.
Fuck. Yes.

it's recess outside, and a bunch of kids showed up outside the gym doors to ask if they could vote. When rejected, they had a quick chat with the information officer (guy at the door who directs people) about the parties and then went off to play kickball. Lucky bastards.

asked for current address, got a life story. I hope this doesn't happen a lot.

I don't speak Punjabi.


    I have the strangest urge to register someone while talking like a pirate.
  • "Arr, what be thine current residence?"
  • "Have thee thine driverrr's licence?"
  • "Thine ballot is democracy's booty"
  • "Walking the plank be nothing should thou be lying about thy citzenrrry."
  • "Y'arr! Exercise thine right to vote or I shall send ye to Davy Jones' Locker! Y'arr!!"

also introduced my registration officer partner to the concept of Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Conservative candidate just came by to "thank us for all our hard work."

the intent was certainly there; I almost had to make put my arms up and make lots of noise.

    this place needs music; the creaking of chairs and blendered conversation are ludicrous.
  • Carrion - British Sea Power
  • Little House of Savages - Walkmen
  • Electioneering - Radiohead
  • Almost Crimes - Broken Social Scene
  • Come On My Selector - Squarepusher

More RoTK.

Liberal scrutineers = cute brown girls.
Conservative scrutineers = old brown men.

    alternate methods of leadership determination:
  • dance games
  • paintball
  • Death Ball (from JSRF)
  • naval battles

Dear Stupid Poll Clerks,
When we ask you to check if someone is on the voter's list, CHECK IF THEY'RE ON THE VOTERS LIST.

I don't speak Punjabi. Stop assuming.

Have been sending text messages to Spencer and Naf all day. I wonder if that counts as taint.

Judging from who fraternizes with which scrutineers, the Conservative power base appears to lie with the older Punjabi people; who are most often parents brought over by their pseudo-yuppie Liberal voting children.
I wonder what'll happen as the turnover proceeds.

Have found the envelope full of extra scrutineer tags, including several now-defunct parties.

"I'm in the wrong place, through no fault of your own, and you're trying to help me get where I need to be?
Fuck that noise. I'll settle for you making feel guilty and useless instead."
- inside the head of a random brown lady.

if your elderly mother doesn't speak English, and the registration table consists of a coconut and a caucasian, DON'T LEAVE HER ALONE WITH THEM.

I continue to not speak Punjabi.
Maybe I should put up a sign.

having been throwing been Diet Coke all day (1.42L and counting), I could cause some serious bodily harm for some rum about now.

polls closed. Off to the other bit of this job.

have now moved to head office; will be receiving results as they are called in. This makes for 13+ hours of paid work. Might just be able to afford Curiousa.

Speaking of - who's in? As much fun as a Corbett/Gerald roadtrip would be, more people = more awesome.

people are amazed that I share.
I'm confused.

first results.

riding caffeine high.
last real meal was at 4-ish.
have been throwing down mini-Mars and Snickers washed down with more Diet Coke.

this can't be healthy.
will drink ludicrous amounts of water tomorrow to make amends with digestive system.
until then...

have scored a reference out of all this insanity.

now, to save-on, to meet the parents.
but first, the Hot Donut light is on...

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