June 11, 2004

why do you build me up (buttercup)?

July 2003 - 6 months, he said..
"It'll be an experiment; we'll be there and back and things will be fine."
They came and went. I'm still here. Things aren't fine.

July. "We've barely lived here. You can't hate it yet."
August. "The commute will be better when school starts."
September. "Is it really that bad?"
October. "6 months, remember?"
November. "Your brother likes it here, and I think it's more convenient..."
December. "You'll be home when?"
January. "Just a little longer."
February. "I need to get this one listing done..."
March. "I promise. Soon."
April. "I hate it here as much as you do."
May. "After exams."
June "August. Seriously this time."

I'm not getting my hopes up this time. It'll make dealing with the inevitable easier.

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