September 30, 2005

I love that I can make it all the way to campus, and only then realize that I've left my UPass at home.


September 28, 2005


to do:

    • pay tuition
    • track down Sniffy the lab rat
    • catch up on reading
    • do distance ed assignment
    • sell old books to discount bookstore
    Equity Ambassadors:
    • tidy office
    • call Videomatica
    • figure out when BinderComm meets
    • interview applicants
    • find cheap binders & little red dots.
    • start finding speakers for meetings
    • book positive space
    • design business cards.
    • nag classroom services some more
    • catch up on minute backlog
    • mess with Spencer a little.
    • figure out database system
    • double-check hours are correct
    • quit? arrange for time off
    • email Siraz
    • talk to Ari
    • decide.
    • buy tickets to: Stars/BSS
    • figure out where to crash after respective shows.
    • keep looking into cameras
    • bug Jill some more
    • buy sweater(s)
    • go for more coffee with people
    • make time for Naf
    • start stencilling things again
    • hold onto
    • buy more diet coke


September 27, 2005

fun gerald fact:

you can tell how stressed out I am by how much diet coke I drink in a day.

today's count? 3.
a bad day's count? upwards of 5.


September 25, 2005


1. The New Pornographers show was fantastic. I should start taking my camera to shows again.
Bought a shirt at the show, which my father hugely disapproved of. I can't say I'm surprised.

2. This is, apparently, what I'd look like as a South Park character. You can make your own here.

3. I feel behind and I don't know why. Aside from the one class (which is distance ed and the textbook is still on back order), I've been pretty good about stuff.


September 19, 2005

more tracking fun!

for reasons I've never fully grasped, I enjoy tracking packages. It's the ideal combination of excitement about packages in the mail, minus the worry of "am I going to miss it?"

hence: the newest one.

it's my free iPod; since I used Jill's address to sign up for it when it was a US-only site, it has to get shipped to her and then up to me.


if you want a free full-size iPod, sign up under Spencer here (self-promotion is useless because I've gone as far as they'll let me go)

if you want a free iPod Nano, sign up under me here.


September 17, 2005

for kaitlin (and others):

Blogger has word verification on comments, so that spambots don't lay waste to one's comment box in hopes of peddling pills or other less... savory things.

the blogger article on it is here: Blogger Help, and even if it hasn't started being a problem, (I'm looking at you, Aleks), I recommend turning it on. Plus, it's sort of fun to see what random words you'll have to put in before you can leave a message.


September 14, 2005

like pulling thoughts out of a hat.

first EA meeting went well; people were excited and we have a good team and there's lots of good ideas.

can't shake the feeling that I'm going to make a giant clusterfuck of things.

the PNE is (finally, thankfully) winding down, so I'm only working a couple evenings for the rest of the month and even less in October, so I'm no longer considering going down to two jobs.

classes are interesting. I'm going to try and finish my distance ed course by the end of April instead of August. We'll see how it goes.

I always enjoy it when life imitates art.

having had success in obtaining a free iPod, I'm trying again for a free iPod nano. Blame geek lust, I guess. Click here if you want to help me get one and start your own free electronics odyssey.


September 06, 2005

leave it to my sister to add a less-than-wonderful end to what was otherwise probably the best first day of classes I've had at UBC.

interesting class? check.
good times at Imagine? check.
people? check.
beer? check.

stupid sanctimonious room-thieving cow of a sister lecturing me because I complain too much about my a) bedroomlessness and b) commute? could've done without it.