January 27, 2005


generally, I don't like doing this, but this is something I'll make an exception for:

post-elections thoughts - there's more, and I'm not entirely sure that they're clear for posting here, so here's an edited version. It's like I got all FCC on myself. Without the wardrobe malfunctions and huge fines.

___ what accomplishment felt like
After a pair of huge hugs, a night at the Gallery (with a toast to me, no less) a round of Fields of Athenry and general Spencer-related hilarity, I figured out exactly what it was I felt when I got those 6 rapidfire phone calls, when I checked the website, and why I damn near cried when I found out that Gav, Spence, and Quinn had all won their positions.

It wasn't "crisis averted." It wasn't "good lord it's over and I'm done." It wasn't "I have an AMS job next year."

It was, quite simply, "this is the first of many steps in the right direction."

___so where do I fit in?
I've been asked a bunch of times whether I will automatically be Spencer's assistant, or if I'll get whatever job I want within the AMS. The answer, of course, is no; part of Gavin's platform (this part) was that he'd improve accessibility and remove nepotism within the AMS, and I think that if there happens to be someone better qualified for the job, then they should get it for the good of the society. Mindblowing, I know, but if this whole "relevance, professionalism, and bringing the society back to the students" thing is to happen, then I don't mind not being instantly guaranteed a job.

___last one
I am immensely pleased by these elections. I made a bunch of new friends, made good friends out of acquaintances, and guided two (and a half if you count Quinn*) candidates to victory in the very first slateless election in over twenty years. We overcame a lot of ridiculousness from all sides, from Progressive Voter Guides to the EA postering over candidates, and I'm proud of the job I've done and the guys I did it for.
More than anything, though, I'm excited to see what happens next.
*not because Quinn is half a person, but because I helped him comparatively little.


January 22, 2005


nothing as indepth as last year's elections breakdown, but still a quick listing of my day:

0530: wake up.
0535: fall asleep.
0600: wake up.
0615: shower.
0645: pants.
0650: pack bag.
0700: find keys, check email, procrastinate.
0730: leave.
0815: get to Broadway, pull out handbills, damn near puke from nervousness.
0820: breathe, eat chocolate in bag, decide against handbilling at broadway because I can't handle it. Jump on bus.
0910: hit campus.
0915: play Tekken 5 to decompress.
0930: call from Corbett.
0945: breakfast with Corbett.
1020: meet up with Gavin.
1020-1230: wander campus, handbill.
1230: lunch beer.
1300-1600: wander campus, handbill.
1555: bid Gav goodbye, wish him luck, issue tummy rub, head to work.
1600-2000: work.
1730: Aleks, Jenn and Chris come by.
1822-1830: 6 rapid-fire calls apprising me of the situation.
1835: Write email to Spencer. Wonder, idly, if he'll open-mouth kiss anyone like he promised to last year. Hope Teddy has a camera.
1845: Vanessa comes. We discuss various things, including what I'm doing for the Fair.
Somewhere in there: Jordie, Drew and Neil come by for hugs and congratulations.
2000: Off work.
2005: Head to Eatery with Jenn and Chris.
2100: Leave Eatery, jump on bus.
2215: Home.

I should be drinking, but that's an entry for another time.


January 21, 2005

elections are over.

congratulations, kids.

I move we skip the back-patting and get ripped.

all in favor?


January 20, 2005

apropos of nothing

found this in my inbox, felt the need to share:

click for a larger version.


January 15, 2005

ill philosophizin'

some people believe that one should starve a fever and feed a cold.
for others, it's vice versa.

my parents, however, believe that one should simply drown whatever sickness it may be in curry.

so... full...


January 14, 2005


We're halfway through the elections, and I'm running on dark chocolate, raspberry juice, cold medication and anger. Sounds about right.
Livejournal's down, and I think this is a post that needs to be public, anyway.

The success (or failure) of these newly slateless election starts with the Elections Committee, and therefore, the Elections Administrator. Someone mentioned that the candidates all prepared for a slateless election, but the Elections Office hadn't. When I applied for the job, I laid out three important points:

- slateless elections will be different, and high reaction speed is necessary.
- the elections need to run seamlessly - any sort of scandal now will follow candidates/executives through the year, and only makes everyone look bad.
- the elections office should act as a resource before the elections; possibly even running campaign workshops before the elections start to ensure that everyone knows what they're getting into.

None of these things have happened.

What's happened instead?
- at times, the Elections Administrator is away from his office to teach dance classes. Furthermore, the club which he's involved with (probably in some sort of leadership role, which is another thing that should be looked into) posters over candidates posters. Gina has a photo, but unfortunately, LiveJournal is down and I don't have the URL handy.
- the EA "gets tired of doing elections stuff" and turns a forum over to one of the at-large members. Turning over a forum? Great, moderating is valuable experience. Doing it because you don't want to run it? Absolutely ridiculous.
- I asked him for a market value on shirts on Tuesday. He has yet to get back to me. Elections run for 14 days, and he's taken over 4 to answer a question. That's just short of a third of the entire period. Absurd.

and don't get me started on the all-candidate forums on Wednesday; not having prepared questions is iffy, but having the candidates ask the other candidates questions simply doesn't work. I suspect that the Ubyssey didn't take Spencer seriously because he didn't get a chance to answer a serious question.

I'm not the only one who feels this way, and something could/should come out of it, but I don't know what.


January 09, 2005

48 hours, round #1: resolutions.

The problem I have with resolutions is that they start from some form of self-loathing; whether it's extra weight, an overused phrase, or an incessant habit of some sort, it's not so much something needs to be started as something else needs to be ended.

So, I don't make them.

Maybe, next year, I'll see what a resolution feels like.
Until then, though, I think I'm better off on the outside, looking in.


January 08, 2005

current mood: ergh.

27 hours down.
309 to go.

I don't know how things could possibly get more ridiculous, but they will.
In the meantime, though, I have work to do.


January 06, 2005

democracy is fun!

I'm shaving tomorrow.

Do I leave a soulpatch or no?

the decision is yours; you have 24 hours.
vote in comments box.


January 05, 2005

you know it's january when:

today's choice quote - walking to the bookstore after poli 101 with erin and her boyfriend andrew:

erin : "c'mon, do a spencer impression."
me: "no."
andrew: "you do spencer impressions?"
me: "yeah. I spend entirely too much time with him."
erin: "admit it. you secretly love him."
me: "yes. I love him. I desire to have his biologically impossible man-babies."
erin: (laughing)
andrew: (aghast)
I appear to have crossed into hilariously bitter territory.
It's on now.


January 03, 2005


the new friends page

want on or off?
now's the time; I check the gmail account listed rather sporadically.


January 01, 2005

should old acquaintance be forgot...

new year, new look.

tweaks continue.