January 22, 2005


nothing as indepth as last year's elections breakdown, but still a quick listing of my day:

0530: wake up.
0535: fall asleep.
0600: wake up.
0615: shower.
0645: pants.
0650: pack bag.
0700: find keys, check email, procrastinate.
0730: leave.
0815: get to Broadway, pull out handbills, damn near puke from nervousness.
0820: breathe, eat chocolate in bag, decide against handbilling at broadway because I can't handle it. Jump on bus.
0910: hit campus.
0915: play Tekken 5 to decompress.
0930: call from Corbett.
0945: breakfast with Corbett.
1020: meet up with Gavin.
1020-1230: wander campus, handbill.
1230: lunch beer.
1300-1600: wander campus, handbill.
1555: bid Gav goodbye, wish him luck, issue tummy rub, head to work.
1600-2000: work.
1730: Aleks, Jenn and Chris come by.
1822-1830: 6 rapid-fire calls apprising me of the situation.
1835: Write email to Spencer. Wonder, idly, if he'll open-mouth kiss anyone like he promised to last year. Hope Teddy has a camera.
1845: Vanessa comes. We discuss various things, including what I'm doing for the Fair.
Somewhere in there: Jordie, Drew and Neil come by for hugs and congratulations.
2000: Off work.
2005: Head to Eatery with Jenn and Chris.
2100: Leave Eatery, jump on bus.
2215: Home.

I should be drinking, but that's an entry for another time.

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