April 28, 2005

got the chief of staff job.

my personal favorite question of the interview was from Spencer: "What sort of animal would you say I was last year, and what do you think I should be for the next year?"


April 27, 2005

phew for a minute there / I lost myself my blog

  • lame reference. I'm sorry.
  • fun with burst mode.
  • my pants came in the mail.
  • why are things from the mail so much awesomer? I mean, they're pants, but they came in the mail, so a healthy portion of the prosaicness is gone.
  • I am, apparently, never leaving Access and Diversity.
  • Recruitment photo shoots are silly and fun; I feel like the new Chris Payne (in that he was in a lot of photos for UBC recruitment stuff)
  • I have a lot on my plate for the summer, and most of it's on campus. I can't help but wonder how much of it is tied to the fact I hate being at home. In a slightly irrational manner.
  • I hate the bookstore.
more later, bed now.


April 21, 2005

waaaaaaaaaaaaank (now with camera!)

exercises - a photoset on Flickr

as previously mentioned, Oana gave me a flickr pro account, so I've spent a chunk of the last couple days uploading and organizing photos I've taken. Here's some from the last couple of years (!); the ones from ACF staff dinner should be up soon, and whatever gets taken tomorrow will also show up there.


download and discuss

new coldplay single: here.

I'm not sure how I feel about it; it's not terribly... new sounding, but at the same time, it's sort of growing on me...


April 19, 2005


  • done exams, some assignments left, though. almost there.
  • Oana gave me a flickr pro account! expect more photos.
  • so stoked for Blarney, because I've never been to one and because it's the closest I'm getting to having a birthday thing.
  • bought a pink shirt. I'm surprised at how well it's working out.
  • up for five E7A Awards, in the categories of:
    • Most likely a spy of some sort award, for For his close proximity to AMS politicians giving him an unassuming “in”
    • The J K Rowling Turning our Kids Back to Reading Award, twice for both 100 Bullets and Batman:Hush.
    • The Get your Buzz on Award – Best Performance While Under the Influence - co-nominated with Spencer for rumors of snuggling.
    • The Other Award – For the Person who Embodies the Greatest Level of Cultural/Racial/Ethnic/Gender Otherness because, y'know, I'm brown.
    • Best Blog, for, um, this.
    • Best Music.
Last year, I won both the Best Performance While Drunk for "One More Keg Stand for the Road" and the JK Rowling for turning the gang onto Transmetropolitan. It'll be interesting to see how these turn out.


April 16, 2005

naf > you

went for belated birthday dinner with Naf, which was a lot of fun. We went for Nando's, which was a twist on our usual Chalet-centric chicken adventures.

along with some bitchin' boxers, she gave me this shirt:

the color's a bit off in the photo, but the awesomeness remains.


April 14, 2005

goodbye teenage angst

so, uh, I'm 20.

birthday celebrations will be rolled into the wonderspectacular that will be the Blarney, because exam period is lame.

also, because no birthday is complete without some sort of comment request, here's one I've taken verbatim from Britt: If you read this, even if I don't speak to you often, you must post a memory of me.

It can be anything you want, it can be good or bad, just so long as it happened.

and for those of you i don't know.. ummm, post an adventure that you would have us go on. ya, that sounds good.

also, if you're reading this from Lithuania, drop a comment at some point, just to satisfy my curiousity.


April 12, 2005

worlds collide

fell asleep on the 311 bus (goes downtown -> 73rd and 120th; roughly 17 blocks from home) on my way home.

had a dream where it was the fair, I was still PMO, but instead of the usual radio chatter, I was walking Jack Bauer (!) through neuroanatomy (!!) so he could get the terrorists, for some reason.

and we did keep to regular radio protocol.

in the end, we saved the day.
then I woke up in Delta.

that'll teach me to watch 24 and read my brain and behavior text during commercials.


April 10, 2005

PMO to... never mind.

I had my doubts.
I had my worries.
I had an inordinate amount of old ACFers asking me what the hell was going on with all these changes.

I am pleased as all fuck that they were proven entirely unnecessary because this fair ran incredibly. Yeah, we had our hiccups and the odd forgotten step (pre-opening station check, anyone?) but there was nothing on the magnitude of previous years.

In the style of Matt, here's my top ten ACF moments:

  1. pre- and post-fair radio silliness with the A-Team, especially when Dave and I were doing the number signs (I was in the booth, he was putting them up)
  2. jumping up and down in a dumpster with Corbett and Quinn so we could pack more garbage in.
  3. The rampant homoeroticism; I lost track of the friendly cuppings I received (among other things).
  4. Naf kisses. (all fourteen of them)
  5. Watching Gavin experience deep fried mozzarella sticks at Denny's at 2am post-fair
  6. Running into ACF Old People, who were consistently impressed with the work we were doing and always, always understood when I spaced out into my radio and had to hastily excuse myself before running off.
  7. "Control to PMO."
    "Go for PMO."
    "What magic did you just work down there, PMO?"
  8. Kevin Wilson having phone conversations with my parents. He was a driver without a phone, and because most anyone who would need to call me was on the radio, I gave him mine. Forgot, though, that my parents weren't on the radio.
  9. All of Saturday. The people who show up the day after tend to be the awesome ones, and even though cleanup and teardown and all that business tends to be ultra-lame, the people make a difference. Also, the late afternoon drinking that segued into a drunken trip to Mongolian BBQ and then back to MASS with half a Canadian Springs bottle full of beer and a half-dozen people definitely isn't a "moment" per se, but still belongs here.
  10. the sudden feeling of peace one feels after taking off their radio headset, and knowing they won't need it for another year.
I guess what it comes down to is the people, who are, for the most part, fantastic, and who I get to see again tonight.


April 05, 2005

Words for Life, Neil Braun Edition.

"I think I'm the perfect height for everyone to do something to my body"

Now, to grow 6 inches...


April 04, 2005

half-finished thoughts:

Having two jobs on campus and one off is a giant pain in the ass, most of the time. Sometimes it doesn't.

Saturday was an example; after training at the PNE, me and the new girl drove to campus where I caught the last chunk of Tours wrap-up, and then went to a Recruitment BBQ afterwards, where various exciting things happened, most of which I don't really feel like talking about.

Except for one thing: We all got "awards" as tour guides, silly (but very nice) sheets of paper with something about Recruitment 2004/05 and "Most Likely To" or "Best X". Mine was "Most Likely to Become A Puppet Master."

About half the people got it, and I sort of preferred it that way.


April 01, 2005

terrible work habits, volume 1

at about 5:12, I got this message:

graham says: do me a quick favour?
gerald` - last! friday! shift! says: shoot
graham says: ditch work for ten minutes, run over to hebb plaza and chug a free RBF beer for me
graham says: I won't make it tonight
gerald` - last! friday! shift! says: ...the things I do for you.
graham says: just go
gerald` - last! friday! shift! says: haha
gerald` - last! friday! shift! says: done
graham says: hot
[ten minutes pass]
gerald` - last! friday! shift! says: back!

so, yes, if you saw me in that ten minutes, wondered why I was in a huge rush and/or toasting Graham, it's because I was technically at work.