April 10, 2005

PMO to... never mind.

I had my doubts.
I had my worries.
I had an inordinate amount of old ACFers asking me what the hell was going on with all these changes.

I am pleased as all fuck that they were proven entirely unnecessary because this fair ran incredibly. Yeah, we had our hiccups and the odd forgotten step (pre-opening station check, anyone?) but there was nothing on the magnitude of previous years.

In the style of Matt, here's my top ten ACF moments:

  1. pre- and post-fair radio silliness with the A-Team, especially when Dave and I were doing the number signs (I was in the booth, he was putting them up)
  2. jumping up and down in a dumpster with Corbett and Quinn so we could pack more garbage in.
  3. The rampant homoeroticism; I lost track of the friendly cuppings I received (among other things).
  4. Naf kisses. (all fourteen of them)
  5. Watching Gavin experience deep fried mozzarella sticks at Denny's at 2am post-fair
  6. Running into ACF Old People, who were consistently impressed with the work we were doing and always, always understood when I spaced out into my radio and had to hastily excuse myself before running off.
  7. "Control to PMO."
    "Go for PMO."
    "What magic did you just work down there, PMO?"
  8. Kevin Wilson having phone conversations with my parents. He was a driver without a phone, and because most anyone who would need to call me was on the radio, I gave him mine. Forgot, though, that my parents weren't on the radio.
  9. All of Saturday. The people who show up the day after tend to be the awesome ones, and even though cleanup and teardown and all that business tends to be ultra-lame, the people make a difference. Also, the late afternoon drinking that segued into a drunken trip to Mongolian BBQ and then back to MASS with half a Canadian Springs bottle full of beer and a half-dozen people definitely isn't a "moment" per se, but still belongs here.
  10. the sudden feeling of peace one feels after taking off their radio headset, and knowing they won't need it for another year.
I guess what it comes down to is the people, who are, for the most part, fantastic, and who I get to see again tonight.


Spencer said...

That's something I missed this year. The radio is so wonderful.

Jayme said...

Congrats on a successful ACF. Any idea on how many people went? Sad to realize I couldn't be part of it this year... definitely one of the things I miss... It's weird not being involved.