May 23, 2007

V-Fest, in Facebook Updates:

May 14
Gerald is router shopping. 12:09pm

May 15
Gerald is PAing at V-Fest. 10:22am

May 16
Gerald is back from the orthodontist. 11:19am
Gerald is still PAing at V-Fest. 7:33pm

May 17
Gerald is continuing to PA at VFest... now with pirate socks! 10:05am

May 18
Gerald is PAing... now with Tony Seaver! 9:36am

May 19
Gerald is PAing in the rain. 9:06am
Gerald is displeased with himself. 10:51pm

May 20
Gerald is PAing... doors in an hour! 12:06pm
Gerald is working with and/or basking in the presence of the main stage manager from Coachella. 6:28pm
Gerald is post-Guinness. 11:09pm

May 21
Gerald is overslept and grumpy. 9:06am
Gerald is testing wireless connections on T-Bird's upper field. 12:50pm
Gerald is fixing phone lines. 2:22pm
Gerald is eating a Spongebob popsicle, having fixed phone lines. 4:20pm
Gerald is le tired; show's over and now it's beginnings of teardown time. 10:33pm

Gerald is still at T-Bird; V-fest is all done but for the shouting. 10:56am

Gerald is still tired after 14 hours of sleep. 1:51pm

It was a good first gig to have; I learned a lot and I can't say enough good things about a large number of people. As well, I think it's something I want to do more of... here's hoping.