February 25, 2007

I've told the story of Graham's birthday cake a couple of times, but I lost the image that I had the Dairy Queen people put on it for him.

after some rather strange Google searching, I found it again - it's called "Bad Day on the High Sea" and it's by an artist named Brandon Bird.

take a look - it's pretty awesome.


February 24, 2007


only today did my dad notice that I have two pairs of glasses.

are they really that similar?


February 21, 2007

what goes around, etc

some of you may remember this post in which I experiment with... Bluetooth headsets (sorry, couldn't resist) and where I decided that I had no real need or want for one.

A couple weeks ago, my brother received a free headset from Telus, decided he liked it better than the one he had, and now I am the mostly puzzled owner of a RAZR-styled headset. I don't know if I'll put it to any actual use, but at least now I can out-douchebag anyone I want!

...I'm pretty sure that's not a good thing, though.


February 19, 2007


I almost called last night.
Almost reached out, out from the witching hour and into your pale dawn, the opposite of a drunk dial; intoxicated exuberance replaced by sobriety and just-add-water sadness.

Certainly unexpected, after a day spent with Rob's grace and my chemicals (see also: M83) all smiles and silly jokes, peering at ridiculous knives and fondling a 5D before returning to simply relax.

Later, though, the injustice struck and I lay in bed, unable to sleep, stuck on the edge of a sadness that needed to be felt or ignored before anything else could happen and I numbly picked a selection of gut-punch songs on the iPod, reached for headphones and saw the phone, thought of you.

Decided against it in the end, as a disservice to my fledgling strength and your careful solitude - though your dependable cadence and audible gesticulations would have been a lift, they could just as easily have been a crutch.

In the end, it didn't matter; the raincloud passed, I watched Looney Tunes until I fell asleep, and now this is nothing more than memories committed to the Internet; a lesson for future and an offering to Google.


February 14, 2007

new sidebar link

so I've been reading Achewood, a mildly surreal webcomic about talking cats who drink a lot. Now that I've finished plowing through the archives, I've added it to the sidebar, and you should check it out.

I went to pick a favorite one to put up as an example and ended up reading the archives for twenty minutes, so it's all good!


February 10, 2007

of mice and men...

what was supposed to be a fairly straightforward evening of drinking followed by hanging out on friday was anything but, and here's a point form post before I go pass the fuck out.

- whiskey + smash bros in MASS with lougheed
- Red Knight
- people I knew at Red Knight: Joel, Huff, Jen+Dave, Lana,
- meeting of new kids
- science boy
- running into of highschool folk
- an event at the Cheeze shutting down on time
- back to MASS to grab things before heading to Jordie's goodbye thing
- Alex pukes. A lot.
- me and Lois play smash bros, chat while alex sleeps it off.
- at 12, give up and leave them
- Brickhouse
- Lynley!
- interesting discussions (re: industrial design, I hate musicians, etc.)
- taxicab chicanery


February 07, 2007

molehills, mountains, etc.

I still can't figure out what I want and while I've been taking some time off and doing more school and also some attempts at figuring out, my lack of job and apparent "antisocial and attitude problems" (read: I'm either not home or not watching TV with the rest of the family because my CSI threshold is lower than everyone else) have led my dad to contemplate kicking me out of the house.

...and then everyone wonders why I'm never home.


February 03, 2007

face update:

what's new in my mouth, you ask?

  • there's a tooth coming out
  • I have to go for a consultation regarding my jaw
  • my dentist thinks I'm in for more intense surgery than I was planning
  • flossing continues to be a huge pain
  • the dental assistants think it's nine kinds of funny to suggest I get ridiculously colored ones
  • If I have a short time between appointments, I just might.
  • or one I just thought of: going yellow and purple come Fair time.

actually it's a terrible idea and there's no way I'm going to get anything but the neutral ones, but I thought you'd all enjoy the mental image.



I'm not entirely sure what to write about last night; I got hammered and behaved appallingly, to some degree - I drunk dialed Rob and probably offended Neil and had quite an interesting chat with Dan.

that said, it was probably the best thing I could have done; it's been a long time coming and I think it'll help me break out of this weird, mildly complacent rut I've been in.

Also also: it's mildly alarming that I can be "oh god why did I drink that last beer goddamnit will someone stop the world from spinning" drunk and yet still tell the tour guide story about the Nitobe Gardens, down to the imported maples, and the fact that he's on the 50,000 yen note. I may have forgotten about how it's supposed to be like the Milky Way, but it's alright because we were being quiet.

Also3: I met Tim's roommate - we didn't talk much, and he definitely didn't set off anything on Ye Olde Radar.

Also4: I'm pretty sure I made a capillary action joke at Foreplay (where I won no sex toys, and I GOT ID'D AT THE CHEEZE WHAT THE HELL.)