February 10, 2007

of mice and men...

what was supposed to be a fairly straightforward evening of drinking followed by hanging out on friday was anything but, and here's a point form post before I go pass the fuck out.

- whiskey + smash bros in MASS with lougheed
- Red Knight
- people I knew at Red Knight: Joel, Huff, Jen+Dave, Lana,
- meeting of new kids
- science boy
- running into of highschool folk
- an event at the Cheeze shutting down on time
- back to MASS to grab things before heading to Jordie's goodbye thing
- Alex pukes. A lot.
- me and Lois play smash bros, chat while alex sleeps it off.
- at 12, give up and leave them
- Brickhouse
- Lynley!
- interesting discussions (re: industrial design, I hate musicians, etc.)
- taxicab chicanery

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