March 31, 2003

it's 2am.
I'm working on this anthro project - one more page.

until then, I have the new Radiohead album to keep me company.



March 30, 2003

I'm at school. Been here since 9am, in fact.
I don't mind at all.
The AUS has saved me from the barren wasteland that is the arcade, and converted me into someone who hangs around the (swank) office. I love them for it; dunno how much arcade money this saves me, but it sure as hell covers my slurpees.

working on the anthro project that I was trying to avoid yesterday - it's not so bad, I'm mostly done, as it were.

things seem to be going well enough, right?
I wish.

today's problem involves my need to stay on campus during production week (basically, it's where we assemble Arts County Fair) I don't mind the long nights or the work-filled days, I just don't want to have to commute from home to school for 12+ hour days.
of course, my parents worry whenever I'm away for overnight periods (MASS opening? I got three phone calls), so four days without seeing me is implausible at best.
add this to the fact that everything seems to be going wrong for my sister, and I'm stuck at home.

I'll quit my moaning now. At least I'm well-fed (man, am I ever)


March 29, 2003

and it's three for the first day.
done nothing all day, in fact, I spent a good chunk of today reading Something Positive, one of the most incredibly offensive and amusing webcomics I've seen in a good long time.
damn you, Spencer!

the only other thing I've done is make a new MD containing both albums by The Doves.
I'd love to go off about who they are, but I don't know either.

but I was having a nice uneventful Saturday, when my (married) sister calls home, says something to my dad, which results in him and my mom hauling ass out to her house. It's not very far away, but them dropping everything and leaving is weird as fuck. I don't like this, because my brother-in-law is being an absolute jerk, and I would like nothing more than to set him straight.
With a hammer and live sewer rats.

As far as I know, he's being an ass about a lot of things, stemming from the fact that my sister was engaged before she met him. Normally, I'd understand, but I don't think it should be a problem WHEN SHE TOLD YOU ABOUT THIS THE DAY SHE MET YOU.

really, now. grow up. you're married. let it go.

I should mention something; even though my sister is a fair bit older than I am, I'm still very protective of her. Weird habit, I know, but it makes her feel a lot better about stuff, and given what she's dealing with, anything I can do is good.
did I mention she's losing her job?

random, random thought: does anyone else find foie gras as gross as I do?


things are a fair bit better than I make them sound.
it's just this lack of direction, never knowing what it is I want.
yeah, everything is interesting, but do I want to do that for the rest of my life?

as I was telling a friend on MSN, I'll get through this; just need some time and some good friends.
I've got them in spades.


finally got this thing sort of looking like I want it to.
quickie intro: I'm 17, I'm in 1st year Arts at UBC, and I guess I'm rocking the whole teenage angst thing.

normally, this would be about par for the course, but that whole year ahead thing means I keep it under wraps a fair bit. yeah, they'd (the people I hang out with) would understand, but it's not a position I want to put them in.

such is life.

current music: The Doves - The Cedar Room
current mood: neutral, sort of detached.