March 30, 2003

I'm at school. Been here since 9am, in fact.
I don't mind at all.
The AUS has saved me from the barren wasteland that is the arcade, and converted me into someone who hangs around the (swank) office. I love them for it; dunno how much arcade money this saves me, but it sure as hell covers my slurpees.

working on the anthro project that I was trying to avoid yesterday - it's not so bad, I'm mostly done, as it were.

things seem to be going well enough, right?
I wish.

today's problem involves my need to stay on campus during production week (basically, it's where we assemble Arts County Fair) I don't mind the long nights or the work-filled days, I just don't want to have to commute from home to school for 12+ hour days.
of course, my parents worry whenever I'm away for overnight periods (MASS opening? I got three phone calls), so four days without seeing me is implausible at best.
add this to the fact that everything seems to be going wrong for my sister, and I'm stuck at home.

I'll quit my moaning now. At least I'm well-fed (man, am I ever)

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