February 28, 2004

you know you're a geek when...

...you crack monty python jokes in your elective physics class.


February 26, 2004

in which Gerald goes to his first and last AMS meeting.

about 2/3rds of the way through last night's AMS meeting, I wrote Chris Payne a note:

Dear Chris,
if I ever volunteer to proxy at an AMS meeting again, hit me with a 2x4*.

*if a 2x4 is unavailable, a weapon may be chosen at your discretion.

I don't think he understood that I was serious.


February 25, 2004

the lists below are from me explaining how list tags work to vanessa.
we were both avoiding studying for our physics midterm.


February 24, 2004

things that will attack you in mario world:

  • koopas
  • goombas
  • bobombs

things I need to do, in this order:
  1. breathe in
  2. breathe out
  3. repeat

the first one is a [ul] list. the second is a [ol] list.


February 21, 2004

words for life, #I-never-bothered-to-count

"You really don't put in words to keep anything real. I believe that it is real if it is real. I don't know how to keep anything real, because why keep it real if it has to be kept? Real is real. "
- Margaret Cho


what. the. fuck.

had a dream last night in which Naf and I had a vicious argument about some seriously dumb shit, swore never to speak to each other again, and then tearily made up (not out).

...on a jungle gym.

not as weird as other ones I've had, but a jungle gym?!


February 20, 2004

I tire of other people's drama.


dear telus...

...it's great that you have policies in place which allow certain activities related to phones performed only by the person being billed. Ideally, though, you should not have clerks telling me that "I really shouldn't do this, so don't tell anyone" on some, and "I can't do that." on others, when I should be refused on all of them.


February 19, 2004

minor ramble because I'm in an awesome mood

a little backstory:
Iain was the guy who I had at least one class with every year, who I got along with immensely well, who was just always... there. We spent spare blocks together at the UBC arcade (including the one time we missed the bus, got to class late, and made up the awesomest lie ever about how the bus broke down. and pulled it off.), dissected frogs and got up to general silliness together. It was 5 thoroughly interesting years with him around.

Now, Iain's off at UVic, and I hadn't seen him since we graduated, which would be something like a year and 8 months at this point; and given that we're used to seeing each other pretty much daily, it's been sort of weird. There was MSN, but it's not at all the same.

We hung out today, me and him and Patricia. Played a couple games in the arcade, went on a micro-tour of campus (he didn't know about forestry, patricia didn't know what belkin was, I had no clue about the echoey thing at the end of koerner plaza) stopped at the rose garden for a moment, and then headed to koerner's.

now, stop for a moment. this is me, with a pair of friends who I've known since I was 12, with whom I have had more fun than I care to recount at this point - people who are basically everything I loved about the high school experience. And we're going to sit in Koerner's and drink beer and shoot pool, and talk about the past, the present, the future. Politics; federal, provincial and student. Music; he's getting back into house, she's discovering canadian indie rock, and I'm all over the place. People we know, others we've heard of, conversations we keep intending to have. We don't stop talking until she has to leave for a movie, he has a hair appointment, and I should really get back to that physics problem set.

some drinks, some pool, an afternoon of talk.
old friends.
new hangouts.

this was definitely more of a lift than I thought it would be.


the interview posts are up here: whee!


February 18, 2004

an extremely typical post.

I'm all excited about tomorrow.
It'll be good to see people and do things and reminisce...


February 16, 2004

a request.

so, one of my old high school friends is in town from Victoria, and I haven't seen him in almost two years. We're going to go drinking at some point, but the only question is where.

basically, no cover, relaxed-ish atmosphere, and me being able to get in with minimum fuss are the three major requirements.
I'm thinking Koerner's, but if anyone has any other non-campus suggestions, that'd be hot.


February 15, 2004

physics extravaganza!!

Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics. Fun for a quick read, and then you realize you're learning stuff.

the only thing cooler than Physics of Music... Physics of Comic Books, which includes stuff like why Krypton HAD to explode.


everyone needs a fuzzy shirt for beer gardens.

honestly, it's great; had a couple conversations and some chest-rubbing (!!) started solely on the basis of my shirt.

friday was fun; started out with a posse heading to RBF; ran into a couple more people along the way, and then ended up jumping the line to grab a beer. only ended up drinking two, but hey, they were free and I spent no time in line for them. got ditched by AUS crew, so I walked with Jordie to Gage where he grabbed a mug, and then we went to buck-a-beaker. which was probably the worst policed beer garden I've ever been to. at least AUS ones let you get in and then make you show ID for tickets; the buck-a-beaker security guy ID'd Jordie WHILE I WALKED AROUND HIM. seriously, it was pretty bad. start drinking (beer wasn't that great) chat up some SUS types, hang out. Run into Graham, head to MASS with the intention of heading back to buck-a-beaker (he forgot a mug, and wasn't about to shell out for a beaker). End up staying at MASS for most of the rest of the night, then head out to buck-a-beaker, evade security once again, miss seeing Jill entirely, hang out there, and then walk Jo Krack to CanClub. Head downstairs to grab a slice of pizza, then run into Jordie again, at which point we go to hang out in Fairview.

time spent drinking: 4 hours.
money spent drinking: $2
drinks consumed: 6.

a solid evening, I'd say.


February 14, 2004

redid the friends page.

it now has most everyone I know who blogs.


February 12, 2004

silly me.

go say hi to Collins and Eaton


what's new?

  • have been using "honestly" and "fuck" interchangeably -- as interjections, not as adjectives.
  • more walks.
  • less slurpees.
  • buck a beaker tomorrow; at the last one, I dubbed Graham "sea-to-sky". can't help but wonder what'll happen this time.
  • considering joining the debate society; between spencer's spiels (this was a while ago) and patricia's testimonials, it seems like a good idea.
  • dunno what to run for in the AUSlections. sort of want to VPI, but senate seems fascinating, too.
  • job hunt continues.
  • plaza's going to be interesting. in the good way.
  • have been reading slashdot - weird abbreviations pop up there, like IANAL(i am not a lawyer). makes me giggle.


February 09, 2004



definitely one of those consolation days...

...y'know, the kind where things go well enough to almost make up for the last two.

morning was unexciting. really. commute, office, class, etc.
well, we broke a glass in physics using only sound waves, which was pretty hot.

then we had the speediest meeting ever, with enough time left over at the end to discuss hats, and then draft a motion:
"whereas bad hats are a plague to all students, and the AUS is a pretty stylish bunch, be it resolved that this council ban the wearing of stupid Kangol hats by all and trucker caps by anyone who isn't a trucker. All students wearing such hats will be shunned. Note: requires 2/3rds."

Collins demanded a roll-call vote.
18 for.
11 against.
4 abstentions.

so, every arts student is now required to not wear trucker caps or stupid Kangol hats and also to shun those who do.

I wonder if SUS plans on following suit, especially since they've run off with a copy of Code.

next class consisted of me being bored, and watching the girl sitting in front of me play Solitaire. badly.
when it was over, me and the E7A crew were all going to head down to the Belkin gallery, because we'd never been, and were interested in seeing whatever was going on.

Alex went to class, so me, Jordie, and Rob head down to Belkin. Finding a "CLOSED" sign on the front revolving doors but not seeing a corresponding one on the back door, we walk around to the back entrance (across from the Freddy Wood Theatre). Open one door, and nothing happens. Open another, and we're in. There's someone in a back room blasting bad rock (I swear it was Billy Talent), and we don't bother checking to see.

so we spent some time walking around the Belkin art gallery, examining pottery from an exhibit called "Thrown", while it's absolutely silent. the gallery's TVs are off, there's no noise from other people, and we're sticking to the middle of the room, because there's laser sensors making sure your arms don't go vaguely close to the pottery.

then we remember that we ditched Alasdair, and that we should probably go outside to meet him.
and we do.
then we go back in, and Mysterious Bad Musical Taste Man (who did not see our previous exit or entry) gently reminds us that the gallery is currently closed, and that we should come back tomorrow.

much heckling later, we head back to gage (with a quick stop through MASS to grab my stuff, skim the PSSA career fair, and to garner a quick, "baby, why you gotta play me like that?" from Graham.)

and then Speculation begins. good gods, that's fun.

two hours later, I head out to Kerrisdale on the 43 to meet my mom for 5pm. Since she's working again, I have rides home. Get to the old high school at 4:50, realize that I have enough time for a Slurpee run, and grab one before driving home.

nothing exciting at home; just toying with CSS2 some more, and wondering if tracking down a crack of Dreamweaver MX is worth my time.


February 08, 2004

you're wearing thin.

[a note from the next day: this was a venting post; I haven't disowned my sister.]

there is no goodnight from me.

rest your elbows on my crossed arms all you want; I will not change my mind.
I'm not 7 any more. you hold nothing over me now but bank fees and half-truths.

there is no attitude problem. I'm just tired.

- the late, angry phone calls.
- the constant inconsideration.
- half my closet. gone.
- the imperative tense.
- the hour of sleep I scheduled for and don't get.
- how you leave everyone wound up.

there is no reason why I had to give up saturday night.
none but you.

so figure out your life, and stay away from mine until you do.
I'm not your friend any more. I'm just your brother.


February 07, 2004

doing random shit to keep my mind off things.

between excessive boredom and chats with Jon, this probably won't look the same for two days in a row for a good long time.
when I find something I'm satisfied with, you'll know.


February 06, 2004

it's 10am

we're doing shots of raspberry smirnoff in the office.
...so many kinds of awesome.
and wrong.
but mostly awesome.


February 05, 2004



I do not, however, tire of nipples.

that is all.


February 02, 2004

an academic post.

dear Coriolanus,
fuck you.

I hate you for being so weird and inaccessible, for being based on two earlier, more esoteric works, and also for being fucking boring. You live in a world run by your mother, and despite constant words about valour and honour, you're loathe to show your experience to the citizens whose support you need. Your death sucked, your life was boring, and the play that carries your name is barely produced because nobody wants to see it.



February 01, 2004

question time

so, readers, what're you listening to... RIGHT NOW?

me? broken social scene - late nineties bedroom rock for the missionaries