February 08, 2004

you're wearing thin.

[a note from the next day: this was a venting post; I haven't disowned my sister.]

there is no goodnight from me.

rest your elbows on my crossed arms all you want; I will not change my mind.
I'm not 7 any more. you hold nothing over me now but bank fees and half-truths.

there is no attitude problem. I'm just tired.

- the late, angry phone calls.
- the constant inconsideration.
- half my closet. gone.
- the imperative tense.
- the hour of sleep I scheduled for and don't get.
- how you leave everyone wound up.

there is no reason why I had to give up saturday night.
none but you.

so figure out your life, and stay away from mine until you do.
I'm not your friend any more. I'm just your brother.

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