February 12, 2004

what's new?

  • have been using "honestly" and "fuck" interchangeably -- as interjections, not as adjectives.
  • more walks.
  • less slurpees.
  • buck a beaker tomorrow; at the last one, I dubbed Graham "sea-to-sky". can't help but wonder what'll happen this time.
  • considering joining the debate society; between spencer's spiels (this was a while ago) and patricia's testimonials, it seems like a good idea.
  • dunno what to run for in the AUSlections. sort of want to VPI, but senate seems fascinating, too.
  • job hunt continues.
  • plaza's going to be interesting. in the good way.
  • have been reading slashdot - weird abbreviations pop up there, like IANAL(i am not a lawyer). makes me giggle.

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