June 27, 2005

five small things

  1. I'm dangerously close to burning out.
  2. The image host I use has mysteriously shut down my accounts, so I won't have photos up until I get some time to find a new host, reupload the photos, and update the photo links.
  3. mix CD up soon because I haven't done a Five in Heavy Rotation in a while.
  4. also weekend (or, more accurately, Drinkball) recap up probably tomorrow.
  5. I'm picking up the three dollar CD player (ebay page here) tomorrow.


June 22, 2005

I may have inadvertently declared war on my stomach:

the pork tonkatsu at the honor roll was a bad idea.

if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go fill up on digestive biscuits.


June 19, 2005

stuff! I'm! thinking!

someone remind me why I have four jobs, again?
once you're done that, tell me why I have an interview for a fifth on wednesday.

also: spoon was delightful. getting up at 6:45 so I could be at the PNE by 8:30 was not. three shots of espresso in a tall latte (3 oz espresso, 4 oz milk, 1 oz foam for those of you keeping score) was a terrible and fantastic idea. large-scale group interviews are a logistical nightmare.

my backache would kill a lesser man.

I'm currently bidding on this camera on ebay. I started out looking for this. What I sort of want is one of these - fishing games are awesome.

I hate data entry.


June 12, 2005

and again

stuff 064
stuff 064,
originally uploaded by heeeraldo.
it's the same photo, but with different exposure.


testing yet another silly feature

stuff 062
stuff 062,
originally uploaded by heeeraldo.
so, um, these are shoes I bought.

they're horrifically ugly. but comfortable, and I guess it means my detached hipster ironicism now extends to the gym.


June 05, 2005

lazy list poster gerald

  • new coldplay = very... large. I dunno how I feel about that.
  • Alias = pretty good - I've rented the last three seasons over the last few weeks, and so I'm caught up until the season that just finished, which I'm going to have to download because it's not out on DVD yet.

fuck, who am I kidding?
I'm stuck in a rut again.

work/school/commute/geekery - it's not bad, but it's not great. Haven't been to the gym or made a shirt or taken photos in ages.

I feel like I've lost half of myself.

I've sort of taken steps to fix that; Costa and I are going to have weekly Power Yoga and Aquacize classes, once I get my schedule all ironed out, I'll either start going to the gym extremely early (in Delta) or after class (at the Bird Coop), as well as lunchtime swimming either way.

anyone else in for any of the above? I always felt better about things when I was hitting the gym regularly... maybe there is something to that "endorphin high" that Neil's always talking about.