June 29, 2003

I almost wish I'd kept in touch with more of my highschool friends; reminiscing about days gone by as I rummage through the closet sort of loses its appeal when I can't pick the phone up, call someone who was there and use the words, "hey, remember when we did this?" about eighty million times.

such is life.


first couple rounds of moving today.

back hurts.


June 28, 2003

new design.
thoughts, please.


June 27, 2003

- got up every twenty minutes to blow my nose in chem class. this probably annoyed the fuck out of everyone around me, but kept me awake for the entire class, which was new and exciting.
- hung out in AMS Services offices. Amanda Klein is in the office next to Jon and Dingwall, and she always sees people walk right by. If you're reading this, and you go to see Team Inside, drop in and say hi. Amanda's really cool (I did want to be her assistant, after all), and you won't regret it.
- lunch with Jon and Spencer = all sorts of fun.
- ride home with Vanessa + slurpees = even better. I realize that I don't get to hear exciting Vanessa stories much because I don't shut up, so I made a note to do so more often. Also, Vanessa, I maintain that we should trade families, simply to see if anyone notices.
- bitchy father + packing = bad end to awesome day

- mango for breakfast. something everyone should do.
- bus ride music. am becoming 'intimate' with chili peppers like I am with radiohead. this is not a bad thing.
- intimacy with music = knowing the tiny details that make the experience better, like how the right-channel guitar in Scatterbrain never does the same thing twice in a row, or catching the synths in the "rain down" bit of Paranoid Android. Easier to do with good headphones/speakers, of course.
- class is beginning to make sense. this is good, because this whole passing thing seems easier, and bad, because it's Chemistry, and chemistry is evil.
- speech experiment with jon howell. I like jon howell; he's a good kid. Today was the first day I'd seen him since the ACF dinner, and it was silly/fun/wheeIamaguineapig!. Apparently, I have a nice tongue.
- visited a friend in kerrisdale. it was like being in grade 9 again, except with a gamecube instead of an N64. also watched loads of season four buffy.
- haven't decided on a new design, am open to suggestions.

also, visit Jayme.


June 25, 2003

did some rambling last night on a sheet of paper. I'll spare you the majority of it.
in short:
- I burned out after grade 12. like, atmospheric reentry. One needs a 55% average to stay in at UBC. my current average is 55.5%.
- I dislike having to be the mature one in a house where the next oldest person is 1.5 times my age.
- I like blue.
- This design is changing soon. It'll be up on blogskins eventually.

now, for today.


did you decide to unionize recently? Nothing else in society (or nature, for that matter) devotes so much of its time to doing exactly the wrong thing and saying "not my job" when questioned. What motivates you single-celled mafia to all sorts of violence against innocent pollens, dusts and danders that find their way into my nasal passages, while continually missing other, far more destructive invaders?
There's no excuse for this sort of behavior.
single-celled asshats, all of you.

(what brought this about? my rather severe allergies. and a cold. at the same time.)


June 21, 2003

things to do before leaving east van.

1. $6.95 dim sum.
2. get entertainingly high.
3. steal "earles" and "east 42nd" street signs.
4. pack.

who's in?


June 20, 2003

can't go to calgary.
moving to surrey lite.
can't find work.
chem starts monday.

can't find a silver lining in all these clouds.


June 17, 2003

throwing stuff off dams = awesome.

thanks for the kidnapping, guys.


June 15, 2003

my transit time just went from 40 minutes, to an hour and 40 minutes.

fucking. wonderful.

[or is going to be, you get the idea. I am displeased a month in advance.]


I currently live here.
I'm moving here.

wo wo tonight, indeed. [download the song, skip to 1:15, and listen for a bit]


June 14, 2003

had my group interview with the PNE today.
we were divided into groups, by last name, and then semi-randomly into tables.
so, I get to my table and we do introductions; everyone else was either in, or just leaving high school.

I know how Graham feels now.

you poor, poor soul.


June 13, 2003

quiz thievery!
this one's the soundtrack of my life.

Opening Credits: Doves, Firesuite
Waking-up Scene: Radiohead, Myxomatosis (the first minute, anyway, before I hit the snooze button)
Average-day scene: Air, La Femme D'Argent
Best-friend scene: Arrogant Worms, Carrot Juice is Murder (or something equally silly)
First-date scene: Suraj Hua Madham, from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. (staying true to my roots, my first date would involve frolicking in the alps, the desert, and on a beach)
Falling-in-love scene: Coldplay, Ladder to the Sun
Love scene: The Beatles, I Want You (She's So Heavy)
Fight-with-friend scene: Radiohead, Life in a Glass House
Break-up scene: Gorillaz, Double Bass (letting the fight be seen and not heard)
Get-back-together scene: Kylie, In Your Eyes
"Life's okay" scene: Sigur Ros, Untitled 3
Heartbreak scene: Radiohead, Scatterbrain
Mental-breakdown scene: Radiohead, Wolf At The Door
Driving scene: Bob Dylan, Desolation Row
Lesson-learning scene: Bjork, Immature
Deep-thought scene: Doves, The Man Who Told Everything
Flashback scene: J5, Improvise
Party scene: Hideki Naganuma, Sweet Soul Brother (from Jet Grind Radio)
Happy dance scene: Pizzicato 5, One Two Three
Regret scene: Coldplay, Amsterdam
Long-night-alone scene: The Verve, Bittersweet Symphony
Death scene: Doves, Last Broadcast
Closing credits: Radiohead, India Rubber


I should explain why this has me all panicky and strung out.

in my house, there's four of us.

My dad works at the post office, and is currently trying to start again in real estate. Thusly, he's not home a lot, and when he is, he's not inclined to do much aside from sitting around.
My mom does the majority of the cooking, moving organizational work and general homey stuff. Since school's been out, I've split (to the best of my ability) these chores with her.
My brother is broken. It's been a week since his shoulder was operated on, and he's well enough to go out, but not enough to be useful. If both arms worked, he'd barely be home.

So, once this whole surgery thing happens, who gets to carry the weight of a household?
It's looking like me, and I'm not terribly enthused.


June 10, 2003

oh, fucking wonderful.

"hey mom, what're we doing the weekend of July 12th?"
"I dunno. Don't think there's anything planned."
"Can I go to Calgary?"
[who/when/why omitted]
"We'll see."
"We'll see what?"
"I have back surgery on Monday."

...did I say things were getting better? It was probably just the eye of the storm.


June 09, 2003

new design, temporary fanboying because HTTT is out tomorrow, and I'll be too busy making copies (onto an MD, and mp3s for the computer.) to update it then.
tell me what you think - if there's enough positive response, then it'll stay like this, and the old design will go up on blogskins; if not, this one gets the boot.


June 08, 2003

father tinkle, would you sign please?

this really makes no sense unless you read the rest of the comic, which is something you should do. now.


June 07, 2003

I graduated a year ago today.

Funny, that. Doesn't feel like it's been a year.
Read through the annual I edited in the wee hours of last night - couldn't sleep between the heat and my brother's stereo thumping bass (imprecise and excessive) through the wall.
looked through the 280 people who crossed the stage; read their writeups. Realized that out of all 280, and the 28 who I'd had the majority of my classes with (minischool, y'know), I only really miss 6. Maybe 7.

so used to seeing them 5 days a week for 5 years, that the first year sort of passed without any realization.
of course, now that I'm stuck at home with the One-Armed B(r)other, this melancholy has to come along and kick me in the kidneys. No frogs, though.


June 05, 2003

surgery went faster than expected.
he didn't bring the xbox.
stupid brother.


June 04, 2003

spoke to my sister, she said that my brother-in-law might be able to get me a job doing midnight stocking (NOT stalking) for superstore.

finally got over my fear of being in the car with my brother - we tore down 41st in his Camaro, and I realized I was not in any way nervous. It started after car accident #3 - the really scary one in which my brother drove. I knew it wasn't his fault, but I was still jumpy as all hell in his car, so I did the rational thing: rode with him more often. At first, I spent large amounts of said car rides with my eyes closed, but things got better until today.


June 03, 2003

earlier today, I'm standing in Roger's Video, filling out an application for employment.

questions include the standard "why do you want to work for us", "why you", and "what brought you to us."
there was also one on my favorite movie (I said Bollywood/Hollywood, and I still can't quite figure out why).

the second to last question was "describe an event where you witnessed or experienced exceptional customer service."
having hermitted it up for the last little while didn't help; total and utter brain shutdown.

until, of course, I remembered this.

that was my shining example.
Graham, if I get that job, you'll probably find a couple more New Release credits on your card. or some sort of movie-based thanking.


stuff's been difficult as of late; my sister's father-in-law died, I can't seem to find a job, my mom's back is getting worse, my brother's shoulder requires surgery, we're moving to surrey, and all sorts of random other dumb shit.

I have, however, clung (rather stubbornly) to the belief that once I rode this out, things would get better.

I think it just started doing that.

got an email today from Sony of Canada - I half-expected it to be spam, because I'd entered a contest on their website - and of course, they wanted my email address - so I gave them the spare. I check it once, maybe twice weekly, and it's always overflowing with crap. Surprisingly, this wasn't more of the same.

Hello Gerald,
Congratulations on being selected to win one Net MD party package, each party
package consists the following prizes:
1 DJ headphone model number MDRV500DJ
1 USB speaker model number SRST100PC
5 mini discs
Thank-you for your participation in the Super Track Attack Contest!
Attached is the release form for the Net MD party package.

Please print, fill out and sign the release form. Please mail and fax the
completed release form by 5:00 PM EST Tuesday June 17, 2003 to the following:
Sony Style - Super Track Attack Contest
blah road
blah, ON
blah blah blah

Fax this release form also to (no number for you!), Attention: Sony Style - Super
Track Attack Contest .
Your prize will be sent to you within 6 weeks of the receipt of your completed
mailed release form by Sony Style.
Have a great day!
Best regards,
Sony Style Canada
(no number for you!)

Thank you for your continued interest in Sony products, and good luck!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

for those of you that are curious, here's the product pages for the things I won.
the headphones
the speakers
the blank MDs