June 27, 2003

- got up every twenty minutes to blow my nose in chem class. this probably annoyed the fuck out of everyone around me, but kept me awake for the entire class, which was new and exciting.
- hung out in AMS Services offices. Amanda Klein is in the office next to Jon and Dingwall, and she always sees people walk right by. If you're reading this, and you go to see Team Inside, drop in and say hi. Amanda's really cool (I did want to be her assistant, after all), and you won't regret it.
- lunch with Jon and Spencer = all sorts of fun.
- ride home with Vanessa + slurpees = even better. I realize that I don't get to hear exciting Vanessa stories much because I don't shut up, so I made a note to do so more often. Also, Vanessa, I maintain that we should trade families, simply to see if anyone notices.
- bitchy father + packing = bad end to awesome day

- mango for breakfast. something everyone should do.
- bus ride music. am becoming 'intimate' with chili peppers like I am with radiohead. this is not a bad thing.
- intimacy with music = knowing the tiny details that make the experience better, like how the right-channel guitar in Scatterbrain never does the same thing twice in a row, or catching the synths in the "rain down" bit of Paranoid Android. Easier to do with good headphones/speakers, of course.
- class is beginning to make sense. this is good, because this whole passing thing seems easier, and bad, because it's Chemistry, and chemistry is evil.
- speech experiment with jon howell. I like jon howell; he's a good kid. Today was the first day I'd seen him since the ACF dinner, and it was silly/fun/wheeIamaguineapig!. Apparently, I have a nice tongue.
- visited a friend in kerrisdale. it was like being in grade 9 again, except with a gamecube instead of an N64. also watched loads of season four buffy.
- haven't decided on a new design, am open to suggestions.

also, visit Jayme.

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