June 07, 2003

I graduated a year ago today.

Funny, that. Doesn't feel like it's been a year.
Read through the annual I edited in the wee hours of last night - couldn't sleep between the heat and my brother's stereo thumping bass (imprecise and excessive) through the wall.
looked through the 280 people who crossed the stage; read their writeups. Realized that out of all 280, and the 28 who I'd had the majority of my classes with (minischool, y'know), I only really miss 6. Maybe 7.

so used to seeing them 5 days a week for 5 years, that the first year sort of passed without any realization.
of course, now that I'm stuck at home with the One-Armed B(r)other, this melancholy has to come along and kick me in the kidneys. No frogs, though.

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