June 13, 2003

I should explain why this has me all panicky and strung out.

in my house, there's four of us.

My dad works at the post office, and is currently trying to start again in real estate. Thusly, he's not home a lot, and when he is, he's not inclined to do much aside from sitting around.
My mom does the majority of the cooking, moving organizational work and general homey stuff. Since school's been out, I've split (to the best of my ability) these chores with her.
My brother is broken. It's been a week since his shoulder was operated on, and he's well enough to go out, but not enough to be useful. If both arms worked, he'd barely be home.

So, once this whole surgery thing happens, who gets to carry the weight of a household?
It's looking like me, and I'm not terribly enthused.

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