April 29, 2006


that was a lot of drinking.
a lot a lot.

also, I'm still amused that nobody told Dave about Gary.
I understand the rationale, and I appreciate that you care, but holy crap it was hi-larious to watch Dave piece things together (especially since we were playing Never Have I Ever)

also: I wrote a bunch of stuff in a post below about things that are exciting. If you want to know about them, ask me in person, because sometimes, it's better to leave stories off the internets.


April 23, 2006


it's sort of strange to remember that the blog is more for and about me than it is about any real audience, and resultantly, I occasionally will throw down posts that are more markers for memories than intended for any real outside consumption.

I guess on the one hand, they're a peek inside my (mess of a) head, but at the same time, they're wildly incomplete, and I'm unlikely to flesh them out.

there'll be a couple backdated posts popping up here and there, but nothing too major; but if you find yourself poking through the archives and seeing a post you don't remember as being there, that's probably why.


April 17, 2006


I haven't written about anything lately, and the last two weeks have been packed full of exciting happenings, so here's an outline of what's coming, depending on how procrastinatory I feel.

things to talk about:
- last EA meeting
- production week
- tube fights
- day-of
- five things you didn't know about control
- post-fair radio
- safety meeting #1
- cleanup
- safety meeting #2
- staff dinner
- post-staff dinner happenings
- hanging with bock and andy

- birthday
- jess'
- dinner
- awards
- board games
- pancakes


April 11, 2006

whirlwind tour

there's a lot to write about, in terms of fair, and post-fair, and one certain post-fair happening, and news on the orthodontic front.

it'll come later.

birthday plans: I don't know what to do. so far, I've been invited to play board games with Jess and co, but Awards Night is also that night, and I'm not huge on taking a large posse to a house party that's not mine.

I propose a simple dinner at the Great Wall Mongolian BBQ on Broadway, before (or ideally between) drinking.



April 04, 2006

by the numbers:

2 hours to production week
3 days until fair
7 days until orthodontist consult
10 days until birthday (I'm thinking dinner before E7A Awards - suggestions?)
18 days until first exam
22 days until last exam
24 days until joblessness
30 days until wisdom teeth out


if I could kill people by willing it, I would have today.

additionally, light rain for friday.


April 01, 2006

last night was absurd.

what started out as the intention to play manhunt and then go to liver training before going to Tim's to sleep (and then wake up and go to MexiCali) turned into the following:
- Some sort of Engineering beer garden, in which I played a low of XvSF against Alex from SUS
- Liver Training, where I paid for things, but then my money was no good, and so I got loaded on free good beer.
- I don't know what it is with me and the 29 year old guys, but I accidentally sort of almost picked one up. But then it got weird, and Tim stepped in as a Federal Air Marshal (he enforces no-fly lists) but that didn't work out too well, and he ended up coming to the party Patricia said I needed to wingman for her at, where I also ran into:

- Jack, who was drunk-tired and falling asleep on Ollie's couch, nose-cast and all
- Duck, who was approximately the same as the last time I'd seen him.
- Meg from the Bay Optical, whom I didn't recognize right away, but both of us were aware that we knew each other from somewhere, and so there was that mildly awkward sort of staredown until she said "nice glasses" and it all clicked.
I felt sort of bad when I told her that she had picked the frames I was wearing, but I'd gotten a hugely better deal elsewhere ($423+tax down to $300 all-in) and so that was a-OK with her. Bizarre, I know.

got back to Tim's at 3:30, after catching the last N22 and walking from Dunbar and 41st, and promptly fell asleep.

ye gods, guys are ridiculous.