April 29, 2006


that was a lot of drinking.
a lot a lot.

also, I'm still amused that nobody told Dave about Gary.
I understand the rationale, and I appreciate that you care, but holy crap it was hi-larious to watch Dave piece things together (especially since we were playing Never Have I Ever)

also: I wrote a bunch of stuff in a post below about things that are exciting. If you want to know about them, ask me in person, because sometimes, it's better to leave stories off the internets.


PhotoDiarist said...

I have a feeling 'Gary' is the subject of that post from wayyy back?

I stayed sober on my own birthday. Glad someone had more than their fill to make up for the universal imbalance I created :-)

Gerald said...

it wasn't even my birthday; I ended up spending most of the day in the Gallery (something like 1-7pm) before heading to a birthday party, not digging the atmosphere and then heading to the King's Head for a bit, and then coming back to the party.

and yeah, yeah he is.

Spencer said...

Where the hell was never have i ever being played?

Gerald said...

the gallery.