April 11, 2006

whirlwind tour

there's a lot to write about, in terms of fair, and post-fair, and one certain post-fair happening, and news on the orthodontic front.

it'll come later.

birthday plans: I don't know what to do. so far, I've been invited to play board games with Jess and co, but Awards Night is also that night, and I'm not huge on taking a large posse to a house party that's not mine.

I propose a simple dinner at the Great Wall Mongolian BBQ on Broadway, before (or ideally between) drinking.



PhotoDiarist said...

Take them to Great Wall - that place has such good food and it's all you can eat! That's where I took my family for my going away dinner before I went overseas.

Happy birthday one day early!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday~