April 04, 2006

by the numbers:

2 hours to production week
3 days until fair
7 days until orthodontist consult
10 days until birthday (I'm thinking dinner before E7A Awards - suggestions?)
18 days until first exam
22 days until last exam
24 days until joblessness
30 days until wisdom teeth out


Anonymous said...

24 days until joblessness? Am I reading/seeing correctly? Gerald with NO JOB??? Unimaginable!

Also, you are the bestest Gerald. Thanks for partying it up with me and putting up with my ditching (even though it was to go pass out for a while).

Nicole said...

Y'know, somewhere in between there, we've gotta go for coffee and catch up.

So, y'know, I can blab about my huge geekiness, and I can hear about your busy social life. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Gerald, I didn't see you at ACF yesterday. I hope everything went well up in control.