July 24, 2006

wow. just wow.

Oh, Destructo. ? Concerning The Platinum Bitch

we all need more art like this.


July 21, 2006


I have a job, as of Monday.

One less thing to worry about.


July 18, 2006

braces: day one.

I have never been so aware of my teeth, mostly because they hurt like motherbitches.



July 16, 2006


Al's party was fun, and included all sorts of mildly ridiculous things, like drunken baking, pancakes, and shots of whiskey toasted to being in the closet from our parents.

Also JD. So much JD.

Lots of awesome bizarro conversations were had, including this one (which was pretty up there but not the best, but I can't remember the other one so whatever.

Steve: "what's your next movie about, Al?"
Pat: "gay cowboys eating pudding."
me: "cowboys are on their way out, I think. Gay pirates, perhaps. What about gay ninja? You'd just show two hours of bamboo forest, because when ninja have a secret forbidden love, it stays secret."


in the vein of the post below:

I like the sound of "obfuscate.ca", partially because it'd make for neat email addresses, but it's counterintuitive.


followthrough: maybe.

Last night, I drunkenly proposed to Jackie that we start up some sort of webzine thing in the vein of McNorton's ill-fated (and badly color-schemed, if I'm going to be absolutely honest here) "Exit Pill" project thing.

I'm not sure where or when or why, but I like the idea of it, and maybe putting up some sort of actual personal website, with things that aren't a blog. Both'd give me a chance to stretch my design muscles and do some non-academic writing that isn't mired in navelgazing.

anyone else interested?
also: name suggestions are welcome.


July 12, 2006

let the judging begin

renewed my learners today; did the test in 6.1 minutes with a 93% score.

the weirdest bit was that I was eligible for tests immediately, and would be expected to stick to the first GLP rule set when I get my N (so I can have non-family passengers).

I never really bothered with my license because I lived in Vancouver and didn't really need to drive, and then I was in three car accidents and was uncomfortable in them (and still have some anxiety surrounding driving) but I'll be able to deal with them now, I think.


July 11, 2006

scam alert!

Canon EOS 5D 12.8MP Digital Camera (Body)

This is waaaay too good to be true, because the camera body retails for upwards of $4000. Keeping this in mind, I sent the seller a list of questions, and we'll see what the response is like (if there is one).

If this is legit though... holy shit.

[edit: it was taken down by the craigslist gang, so I guess someone called them on the scam. such is life: if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.]


- I assume it's used. What sort of condition is it in?
- What is included with the camera?
- is there any warranty? is it a Canadian market camera or an import?
- how many photos has it taken?
- is there any way for us to meet up so I can have a look at the camera?


all systems red

haven't said anything because there's not much to say.

no work.
no impending school.
nobody new.

just braces, jobhunt, and comics.

maybe a redesign soon.
maybe buying a camera.
we'll see.


July 07, 2006

guppy update. (gupdate?)

it appears names really do have power, because Sherry, Nina, and Saunders (the guppies) are all dead. They had bits missing from their tails and thusly I suspect Jack and Aaron (the fighting fish) did it. Aaron tolerates Logan for some periods of time, but chases him around the bowl roughly one in every ten minutes.

...I need to get out more.