July 12, 2006

let the judging begin

renewed my learners today; did the test in 6.1 minutes with a 93% score.

the weirdest bit was that I was eligible for tests immediately, and would be expected to stick to the first GLP rule set when I get my N (so I can have non-family passengers).

I never really bothered with my license because I lived in Vancouver and didn't really need to drive, and then I was in three car accidents and was uncomfortable in them (and still have some anxiety surrounding driving) but I'll be able to deal with them now, I think.

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Anonymous said...

WAIT a minute. if you renew a learners that you got before the new rules went in you get to do the rest of the stuff under the old rules? no one ever told me that. hmm. something to consider. though in ohio i only have to take one driving test to get a full license.