May 30, 2006


I am typing this from a Macbook! this will be mine.


Read More... : Conservatives introduce fixed-date election bill : Conservatives introduce fixed-date election bill

I'm not sure how I feel about this.


May 24, 2006

(two point) five year plan

it occurs to me that one of those things that I intended to write about and never got around to was the result of my trip to the orthodontist in early April.

To get my teeth all correctly aligned and functioning turned out to be a three-part project; two of which I was expecting, and one that I wasn't.

The first was to pull five teeth; three wisdom, one molar, and one bicuspid (not six as I'd previously thought; I was looking at two halves of one tooth). That went... okay - I escaped nerve damage and infection, lost a bunch of weight, and have awesome/awful stories to tell about the small talk that was had between the hygienist and oral surgeon as they went about the whole process (I was conscious and on Valium.)

The second is braces. They're going to be painful and awkward. There may be headgear involved, and timeframe on that appears to be in the region of two to two and a half years. Given that my jaws are apparently very well constructed, I wouldn't be surprised if they took longer.

The third, and unexpected one, is that I need jaw surgery, to move my jaws back into alignment. It shouldn't require breaking them, but I haven't seen the maxillofacial surgeon yet and don't know if that prognosis'll change. That'll happen about a year after I get the braces in, and takes about two and a half months to recover from.

and that's what I get to look forward to.


May 15, 2006

what the kids are doing with their hands

rock-paper-scissors? old and busted.
cat-tinfoil-microwave? move on over.

Cowboy-Ninja-Bear is where it's now, apparently, at. The dude includes a nine-option variant, but that's just stupid.


May 14, 2006

crunching = good

I had chips yesterday!



May 11, 2006

no-crunch diet, day 7

Boost drinks (which I've been consuming when I've been away from home)
have this really weird aftertaste of creamed corn.

the worst part is that I've been drinking the "Mocha" flavor.

it's about as bad as you think.


May 06, 2006

novel thought

not necessarily a new one, but one about novels.

William Gibson, for all his "father of cyberpunk" cred, really, really likes exploring the interface between art and technology.

...I wonder how he feels about CSS.


May 05, 2006

good / bad / ugly

the good news: I have "jaws like cement"
the bad news: I had six teeth pulled yesterday. All of them had to be broken in the socket and removed piece by piece.
the ugly: I sneezed and it looks like someone got shot in our driveway.

I'm not going anywhere for the next few days.
Sorry, Spence. Have a safe trip and a good night.


May 03, 2006


just checking something out.

there will be more of these random posts that come and go; I'm testing things out, using the "throw it against the wall and see if it sticks" method.

incidentally, it's a great way to test the doneness of pasta.




I wonder if this'll work...


May 01, 2006

inadvertent hilarity

take one commercial for a super-soaker that now shoots "ooze" in addition to the usual Freudian overtones (commercial here (youtube).) and add Amazon's customer review system, seen here.

stir gently and enjoy.