March 29, 2005


it's weird to see yourself change.
moreso when it's documented in text.

time for year #3.

bonus: omg angst!!


an old favorite:

what're you listening to... right now?!

me: Doves - The Sulphur Man (Rebelski Remix)


March 27, 2005

fun with shipping!!

EMS Trace

this is probably my favorite part of buying things online: the shipping, or, more accurately, the tracking process.

the item number is EI250621538JP, so put that into the form on the page above and you can track the progress of my headphones.

(really, though, this is more a post so I don't have to dig through emails and half-remembered URLs to track the damn things)


March 25, 2005

...a little bit louder and a little bit worse

so, I lost another Senate race.

I've learned not to take these things personally, so it's not a huge thing, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed.

such is life.

plus, things could totally be worse.


March 24, 2005



March 23, 2005

although I tidy up my room fairly frequently, I hadn't gone the whole nine yards for a while, digging things out of corners and under the bed before (for the most part) throwing them out.

did one of those today, and found all sorts of stuff; the most interesting/bizarre of which is listed below.

  • Spencer handbills (both 2004 and 2005)
  • Spencer's Best Diplomat award from the Model UN
  • my old PNE contract
  • a Hard Hat Area sign I stole from Vanier during the summer
  • every backstage pass I own (ACF 12/13, Welcome Back 2004, Radiohead 2003)
  • an unused stencil with a quote from High Fidelity
  • a postcard from Paige
  • the I (map of Hunan) Hunan stencil I used for Gavin's birthday shirt
  • a 64 megabyte stick of PC100 RAM
  • a postcard from British Sea Power
  • a bunch of stickers used to identify the party of a scrutineer during the federal election, including (among others):
    • the Marxist-Leninist Party
    • the Reform Party
    • the Bloc Quebecois


I love how I only get sick when I have absolutely no time to do so.


March 20, 2005

i think this one's going to stick.


March 19, 2005

elections nostalgia

Naf's current MSN name is the slogan I used for the only election I've ever won: "Hello Kitty has no mouth. I do. Let me represent you."

which, of course, came from this site, which is good for a laugh.

also of note are their three FAQs(first second third), which boast such delightful things as:
"Hello-Kitty, in fact, uses Morse code to communicate with the outside world. You may have heard of the book Johnny Got His Gun, in which a soldier was so badly wounded that the only communication he had with the outside world was by tapping Morse code with his head.

That soldier was Hello-Kitty. "

Also, newish design.
some fiddling remains, and I'm pretty sure I'm due for a new name that doesn't involve some sort of metal. oh, and I switched over to blogger comments, which don't expire after 6 months.


March 17, 2005


having gotten extremely tired of the behind-the-ear ones I have currently, I ordered another pair of eggo's.

courtesy of exchange rates changing, they were $30 cheaper this time.


March 16, 2005

britrock crisis!

snow patrol - may 6 at the vogue
doves - may 6 at the commodore


March 14, 2005

for those of you that still go to UBC:

I'm running for the Faculty of Arts Senate Representative spot. Again.

My campaign website is here, and I've got some stiff competition, so spread the word and make sure you vote between March 17 and 24.

That's all I'm going to do for elections on this blog.


March 10, 2005

my life! your hands!

I'm buying an iPod, 30 gig/colour screen model. I figure $54 more than the 20 gig/monochrome one is worth it.

it's free engraving time, so I'm wondering what I should put on the back.

I'm torn between "FUCK COMMUNISM" and "when the power runs out / we'll just hum"

the first one is awesome, but probably belongs on a Zippo.
the second is a radiohead quote from My Iron Lung and it's both fitting and radiohead, but seems almost too perfect.

so, yes, suggest away. you've got three days.


March 06, 2005

we all meme for ice cream

it's that time again:

"Ten Things I've Done That You Haven't, Mwa, etc."

  1. never eaten beef.
  2. had someone appoint themselves as my mentor.
  3. gone snorkelling in Fiji.
  4. gone to a Shakespeare festival in Oregon only to fall asleep halfway through the "all's well that ends well".
  5. survived three car accidents in eight months.
  6. been flashed while at work. at a chocolate store. in Metrotown.
  7. told Kazzer's tour manager that no, in fact, they couldn't play an acoustic set up here. (graham was there)
  8. managed two campaigns in the AMS elections, which resulted in enough weight loss and change in mood that my parents entertained the notion that I was on some sort of drug.
  9. written a Chemistry final, seen Andrew WK, and moved out of Vancouver all in one day.
  10. given panties with "well, shit" stencilled on the back as a birthday gift.
  11. been trained to forge a signature which I was then paid to reproduce.


March 05, 2005

a break from my papers:

things that I am listening to that are awesome:

  • Doves - Some Cities
  • Bright Eyes - I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning
  • Apostle of Hustle - Folkloric Feel
  • Doves - Lost Sides
  • Iron and Wine - Woman King EP


March 03, 2005

apropos of nothing, #2

six weeks until I'm twenty.



March 01, 2005

today's quote:

"Jesus fuck! What have you been doing, wrestling goddamn bears? Lift your arm. Holy mother of god, you're tense. How have you not just snapped?! My hands are pretty strong and I'm getting fucking nowhere. God!"
- Corbett, whilst administering a neck massage.

so, yeah, I'm sore and stressed out.
if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go write a paper.