March 27, 2005

fun with shipping!!

EMS Trace

this is probably my favorite part of buying things online: the shipping, or, more accurately, the tracking process.

the item number is EI250621538JP, so put that into the form on the page above and you can track the progress of my headphones.

(really, though, this is more a post so I don't have to dig through emails and half-remembered URLs to track the damn things)


Anonymous said...

I do that too, postings for personal use. Except LJ's allow private posts, so a hot pink bolded "get a wax" line doesn't show up on everyone's computer screen ;-)

Jayme said...

Hey G, can you give me the link to your friends list? I lost it while re-designing my blog.

Gerald said...


conveniently, it's also the top right photo.