March 06, 2005

we all meme for ice cream

it's that time again:

"Ten Things I've Done That You Haven't, Mwa, etc."

  1. never eaten beef.
  2. had someone appoint themselves as my mentor.
  3. gone snorkelling in Fiji.
  4. gone to a Shakespeare festival in Oregon only to fall asleep halfway through the "all's well that ends well".
  5. survived three car accidents in eight months.
  6. been flashed while at work. at a chocolate store. in Metrotown.
  7. told Kazzer's tour manager that no, in fact, they couldn't play an acoustic set up here. (graham was there)
  8. managed two campaigns in the AMS elections, which resulted in enough weight loss and change in mood that my parents entertained the notion that I was on some sort of drug.
  9. written a Chemistry final, seen Andrew WK, and moved out of Vancouver all in one day.
  10. given panties with "well, shit" stencilled on the back as a birthday gift.
  11. been trained to forge a signature which I was then paid to reproduce.

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