March 19, 2005

elections nostalgia

Naf's current MSN name is the slogan I used for the only election I've ever won: "Hello Kitty has no mouth. I do. Let me represent you."

which, of course, came from this site, which is good for a laugh.

also of note are their three FAQs(first second third), which boast such delightful things as:
"Hello-Kitty, in fact, uses Morse code to communicate with the outside world. You may have heard of the book Johnny Got His Gun, in which a soldier was so badly wounded that the only communication he had with the outside world was by tapping Morse code with his head.

That soldier was Hello-Kitty. "

Also, newish design.
some fiddling remains, and I'm pretty sure I'm due for a new name that doesn't involve some sort of metal. oh, and I switched over to blogger comments, which don't expire after 6 months.


Jayme said...

Nice redesign. Good luck in the elections. You're one of the few people I voted for... figured every vote counts in such a tough race. Hope to hear good news when all is said and done.

Gerald said...

me too.

also, last Wednesday, I remembered that it was McChicken day, and then I missed you. A lot.

We should do stuff when you get back.
Preferably alcoholic stuff.

Jayme said...

Hahah ya, how embarassing. I long gave up the McDonald's but I certainly remember when I used to get excited about McChicken day... and how I dragged you there with me when I first got my braces, thinking the food was soft enough to eat... it wasn't and it hurt.

Definitely should do stuff when I get back. I'll let you know when I'm back in town, or you'll probably know if you check my blog.

Jayme said...

sorry, one more thing. Do you know how I can get these new blogger comments? They seem almost as good as Livejournal comments (certainly better than the kind I'm using now... it might be necessary, with all those comments I get).

Anonymous said...

hey, sweet redesign. I especially like the colour scheme.

Gerald said...

this should answer your questions.
unfortunately, you'll probably have to ditch your current template, but I think you're due for a redesign anyway. ;)