March 30, 2004

final thought

is the concept of Quinn O'Morrey really that funny?


fuck, seal me in a cave with my books and don't let me out until friday.

no MSN.
no journal entries.
minimal time in the office.
maximum time in libraries.

if you see me, chances are high I will need a hug, regardless of gender.
if you see me on MSN, tell me to get off. of MSN.

I need to:

  • write a physics paper (ten pages)
  • do a physics assignment
  • do two one psych stats assignments
  • write an english paper (also ten pages)
  • write two one short english essay (500-750 words each)
  • figure out what the hell just happened in my jaw.

preferably before saturday afternoon, so I have the weekend and the subsequent (production) week free.

so, yeah, gang, hold me to this. it's for everyone's good.


March 29, 2004

when i started blogging, we didn't have titles! and we were happy about it!

< /grahamcurmudgeon>

so, it's been a year.

humour me and leave a comment with who you are, when you started reading, and what piece of vernacular needs to (re)enter daily usage.

I'm a big fan of "you cretaceous bitch", personally.


March 28, 2004

the view out of the clock tower is amazing.

however, the dead flies that litter the floor there detract from the experience.

that is all.


March 27, 2004

note to self:

chances are high that dad won't like the crazy experimental japanese jazz you thought he would.
points for trying, though.


March 25, 2004

I don't want to think.

thrice exploded: peace out
gerald` - be'nI' bang Dogh petaQ, apparently.: [gets shot nine times, starts highly successful music career]
thrice exploded: damnit, I wish I'd thought of that first!



yeah, i shouldn't be posting this.
but, I found that by putting off one big thing, I'm motivated to do other, small things.

even though I'm not working on my ENGL 226 paper, I've managed to find a couple other jobs to apply for, started working on the short essay for my other english class, and cleaned up my room.


more so I can look back on this in a year and smile than because you need to know.

today (well, so far today):
It's always weird when the waking world intrudes into dreams. I had one in which Alisdair and I are walking around some bizarre hybrid of the SUB and Renfrew Community Centre, in search of the Delly. We get there, get lunch, and highly randomly, Interpol starts playing, just loud enough to have a conversation over. So we chat. Then, I (with handy zoomed-in eyes-widening effect) realize that I'm dreaming, and that's my alarm clock. So I wake up.

I have a big list of things to do, so if I'm online, chances are I won't be talking much.

sold a linguistics text for only $6 less than I bought it for. then I went on a nine-hour adventure with Rob (still blogless, but we'll get him soon enough), in which we:

  • went to Zulu records, and picked up Squarepusher tickets.
  • I found a copy of the CD that Elysha does guest vocals on
  • I also found High Holy Days stickers.
  • we went to The Candy Aisle, and disovered Ginger Altoids, which are sort of like very small gingersnaps.
  • then to The Comix Shop, where we geeked out for a bit.
  • and then we had a walk in the heavy rain. without waterproof stuff.
  • headed to safeway for raspberry ginger ale and cookies, then back to gage.

from there, we played a game of jones in the fast lane, watched rob play mechwarrior 2, played team big 2 with some of the quadmates. after that, we watered the MASS plants and drew another vernacular time (watch for it this friday in the underground!) and then went for a walk, and then I met Joyce, in whom we drove to Movie Gallery on Broadway, where the movies are buy 2 get 2 free (used ones only). Joyce is Alisdair's blue Ford stationwagon, with a ziploc bag of cheerios and a "Baby on Board" sign in back. It's sort of creepy how the car... absorbed the personality so well.

in any case, it was fun times. Rob is always a pleasure to hang out with.


March 23, 2004


blogger just ate my post, for the very first time.
good thing it wasn't anything overly meaningful.

in any case, here's a bunch of lyrics posts at once!


March 20, 2004

thoughts and mild paranoia: on special this week.

lost an election.
ate fries with mayo the other day.

I really am turning into Spencer.

apparently, I am the happiest drunk ever on tequila.
I maintain it was the company.

should really do work; if I go to the gong show, then sunday is a total writeoff.

I don't have my phone at the moment; my sister isn't speaking to the husband, so she took my phone. I don't get hers, though, which is ridiculous.


March 19, 2004

drunken ramblings.

so, I'm drunk.

and I love a lot of people.

let's start, hmm?

Quinn: I honestly thought he was Irish before I met him. I mean, Quinn O'Morrey?
having horribly misjudged him as a Kate Woznow Hippie, I feel sort of bad now. He's awesome. and we will rule this campus in my fourth year.

Rob: I've been hanging out with him a lot more. and I love him. platonically. but I still love him. he's fed me, and plied me with tequila, and he's funny and geeky and awesome. lana, hold on to him because he's fucking special.

Lana: to know her is to love her. she's short and sweet and awesome and hot and I could go on.

Vanessa: she has been a pillar of support. always. and she's hot.

Collins: is hilarious. and capable. and I feel safe leaving her to VPI. but still a little guilty.

Graham: sometime in first year, I said he was a role model. I stand by that. He's awesome.

Gage E7A: for putting up with me. wow.

Aleks: from providing me with directions on my first day in Delta to trying to talk me into VPIdom, she's been nothing but ridiculous and wonderful.

Spencer: one of the best friends a guy could have. he's pushed me harder than anyone else. and I appreciate him for it. you'll go far, spencer. just take a deep breath and jump.

Jordie: for comics. and booze. and fun.

Naf: I may be the only person that is happy that you took 6 years to do a degree; I wouldn't have met you otherwise. You may take a little more time, but you'll go far.

If I didn't maention you specifically, don't take it personally. I <3 you.


there's a lot more of you what need appreciatin', but I need to go back and drink.


March 18, 2004

I really should get around to making the cliché drunk post, but I always forget...

somewhere in my last drunk-sober cycle (I had three on Wednesday night - green beer, green beer, and vodka respectively), I decided that I should make a post here about how awesome my friends were. Especially Rob (alas, blogless), with whom I've been hanging out a lot lately.

this isn't it.

I remember having a lot of good things to say about a lot of people, so I might have to write one up tomorrow.
anyone want to remind me after I get indiscriminately affectionate but before I lose fine motor control?


March 17, 2004

I would look forward to mornings so much more if I could do lines of allergy drugs instead of having to spray things into my nose.


March 16, 2004

so close...

I almost won Spencer's dignity in a game of pool last night.

Instead, I now owe Eaton three fingers.



March 13, 2004

had a dream in which:

  • a guy I met last night imparted some serious wisdom.
  • I lost to Tyler Bryant, but the turnout was something like 2000 students.
  • squirrels somehow got seats on BoG.

I blame the Geog jello shots.


March 12, 2004

you dizzy bitch...

I didn't need that.
It's ten-thirty, and I'm stepping off a skytrain after an hour of travelling, moved bodily away from fun times in Gage (and shortly thereafter in the SUB). There is no need to submit me to a guilt trip and then stony silence.

Oh no! You had to get in, and warm up, and drive the car.
Fuck, I'm insensitive! You had to walk from the house to the car.
I'm a horrible brother: I'll never attempt to have a social life again.

What part of Friday night do you not get? You were my age once, and I know you went out; there were many nights where I was so rudely interrupted by your arrival (front door locks were loud enough to wake anyone sleeping on the couch, ie me.) and I sucked it up.

So deal with it. I'm going to have a fucking life.


March 11, 2004

since I have an CD player alarm clock, I thought I'd make a "WAKE UP!!" mix CD, and post a tracklisting here, so you can all see what I'm listening to as of late.

  1. Blur - Country House
  2. Blur - Coffee and TV
  3. Blur - Parklife
  4. Four Tet - Spirit Fingers
  5. Ellen Allien - Push
  6. MGB - Going All The Way
  7. Matt Good - Double Life
  8. Matt Good - Bright End of Nowhere
  9. The Cansecos - Faster Than You Go
  10. Broken Social Scene - Stars and Sons
  11. Broken Social Scene - Cause = Time
  12. 187 - Pittsburgh
  13. Squarepusher - Windscale 2
  14. Squarepusher - Smedley's Melody
  15. Doves - Sea Song
  16. Doves - There Goes The Fear

now, for the fun bit - if you had a choice, what would you wake up to?
also first person that remembers which tags I just used gets a copy of this CD. or of the OMGWTFBBQ mix; their choice.


March 09, 2004

in lieu of actual content

Which "Saved By The Bell" Character Are You?


saw a poster from the competition today.
I'm actually excited about a real campaign.



March 08, 2004

they're gone.
locked away in a prison of ones and zeroes, held until I release them for 14 pounds a year.

although I've switched over to somewhere where it won't happen again (knock knock), I haven't quite wrapped my head around it.



ye gods

everything that's been written to me in the last year is gone.

fucking squawkbox.

(have switched, there should be no more "account expired!" page)


March 07, 2004

Geek Chic.  Offbeat and with a thumbful of calluses, this hipster/trekkie hybrid spends most of his time catching Simpsons reruns and sucking down raspberry Jell-O.  However, he's still hip
You're Geek Chic. Offbeat and with a thumbful of
calluses, you spend most of your time catching
Simpsons reruns and sucking down raspberry
Jell-O. However, you're still a hipster,
you've still got your own style, and you
probably dig the Velvet Underground's "Who
Loves the Sun?"

What Kind of Hipster Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla


March 05, 2004

it's weird how I can bitch and moan and complain all the way home about stuff and then find something to make me realize how insignificant all of this is.

This is the photo album (essay?) of a young woman who takes the odd motorcycle ride through Chernobyl.

yes, that Chernobyl.

it's weird and haunting and surreal - the broken english commentary only adds to the sense of dread, loss, and waste.

I have no more words.


"surprise race of the year."

four people.
three serious ones.

one senate spot.

I should've run for VPI.

tupping liberty.


March 04, 2004

Patricia just wrote up one of my favorite high school memories.

it's an absolutely bizarre story, but it sheds some light on the strange bonds that result from tiny elitist public schools.


offshoots of my walk to the library:

a) slurpee prices are up. They were 79 cents in grade 8, 89 in grade 10, and now they're up to 1.09 for a small one!! Mac's prices remain curiously the same. Looks like I have a new destination for my walks.

b) reading a comic book isn't the same as reading a scan. There's something about the smell of the paper, the heft in your hands (more if it's a trade paperback) and the excitement of actually flipping pages. There is no joy in hitting Page Down.

c) Diet Coke with Lime is growing on me.


March 02, 2004

but it's different now

On the skytrain this morning; watching the blurred landscapes go by and listening to Radiohead.

a woman embarks, pushing a stroller with two boys - I'd say one was 2 years old, and the other was 10-13 months.

the younger one stares with rapt fascination out the window.
the older one looks around, seeing people and textures and things, puzzled and amused by the newness of it all.

He looks at me. I smile wave, and play peekaboo. After a moment, I realize he's far more interested in the headphones than in me.

As I walk to the B-Line, I wonder when I started taking everything for granted, and when I stopped taking joy from the simple things.

I need a break from the world.
and it's not coming until May.



March 01, 2004

assorted thoughts, $2.99/100 grams

I bought a instant drink cooling ring thing at Safeway today. One simply pops it in the freezer and then places it around the room temperature beverage of choice. It works really well.

Also, there's penguins on it.

Fuck you, electric can openers!


I'm running for Senate... as soon as forms are available.
Best of luck to the other suckers candidates.