March 30, 2004

fuck, seal me in a cave with my books and don't let me out until friday.

no MSN.
no journal entries.
minimal time in the office.
maximum time in libraries.

if you see me, chances are high I will need a hug, regardless of gender.
if you see me on MSN, tell me to get off. of MSN.

I need to:

  • write a physics paper (ten pages)
  • do a physics assignment
  • do two one psych stats assignments
  • write an english paper (also ten pages)
  • write two one short english essay (500-750 words each)
  • figure out what the hell just happened in my jaw.

preferably before saturday afternoon, so I have the weekend and the subsequent (production) week free.

so, yeah, gang, hold me to this. it's for everyone's good.

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