March 02, 2004

but it's different now

On the skytrain this morning; watching the blurred landscapes go by and listening to Radiohead.

a woman embarks, pushing a stroller with two boys - I'd say one was 2 years old, and the other was 10-13 months.

the younger one stares with rapt fascination out the window.
the older one looks around, seeing people and textures and things, puzzled and amused by the newness of it all.

He looks at me. I smile wave, and play peekaboo. After a moment, I realize he's far more interested in the headphones than in me.

As I walk to the B-Line, I wonder when I started taking everything for granted, and when I stopped taking joy from the simple things.

I need a break from the world.
and it's not coming until May.


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