March 25, 2004

more so I can look back on this in a year and smile than because you need to know.

today (well, so far today):
It's always weird when the waking world intrudes into dreams. I had one in which Alisdair and I are walking around some bizarre hybrid of the SUB and Renfrew Community Centre, in search of the Delly. We get there, get lunch, and highly randomly, Interpol starts playing, just loud enough to have a conversation over. So we chat. Then, I (with handy zoomed-in eyes-widening effect) realize that I'm dreaming, and that's my alarm clock. So I wake up.

I have a big list of things to do, so if I'm online, chances are I won't be talking much.

sold a linguistics text for only $6 less than I bought it for. then I went on a nine-hour adventure with Rob (still blogless, but we'll get him soon enough), in which we:

  • went to Zulu records, and picked up Squarepusher tickets.
  • I found a copy of the CD that Elysha does guest vocals on
  • I also found High Holy Days stickers.
  • we went to The Candy Aisle, and disovered Ginger Altoids, which are sort of like very small gingersnaps.
  • then to The Comix Shop, where we geeked out for a bit.
  • and then we had a walk in the heavy rain. without waterproof stuff.
  • headed to safeway for raspberry ginger ale and cookies, then back to gage.

from there, we played a game of jones in the fast lane, watched rob play mechwarrior 2, played team big 2 with some of the quadmates. after that, we watered the MASS plants and drew another vernacular time (watch for it this friday in the underground!) and then went for a walk, and then I met Joyce, in whom we drove to Movie Gallery on Broadway, where the movies are buy 2 get 2 free (used ones only). Joyce is Alisdair's blue Ford stationwagon, with a ziploc bag of cheerios and a "Baby on Board" sign in back. It's sort of creepy how the car... absorbed the personality so well.

in any case, it was fun times. Rob is always a pleasure to hang out with.

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