March 19, 2004

drunken ramblings.

so, I'm drunk.

and I love a lot of people.

let's start, hmm?

Quinn: I honestly thought he was Irish before I met him. I mean, Quinn O'Morrey?
having horribly misjudged him as a Kate Woznow Hippie, I feel sort of bad now. He's awesome. and we will rule this campus in my fourth year.

Rob: I've been hanging out with him a lot more. and I love him. platonically. but I still love him. he's fed me, and plied me with tequila, and he's funny and geeky and awesome. lana, hold on to him because he's fucking special.

Lana: to know her is to love her. she's short and sweet and awesome and hot and I could go on.

Vanessa: she has been a pillar of support. always. and she's hot.

Collins: is hilarious. and capable. and I feel safe leaving her to VPI. but still a little guilty.

Graham: sometime in first year, I said he was a role model. I stand by that. He's awesome.

Gage E7A: for putting up with me. wow.

Aleks: from providing me with directions on my first day in Delta to trying to talk me into VPIdom, she's been nothing but ridiculous and wonderful.

Spencer: one of the best friends a guy could have. he's pushed me harder than anyone else. and I appreciate him for it. you'll go far, spencer. just take a deep breath and jump.

Jordie: for comics. and booze. and fun.

Naf: I may be the only person that is happy that you took 6 years to do a degree; I wouldn't have met you otherwise. You may take a little more time, but you'll go far.

If I didn't maention you specifically, don't take it personally. I <3 you.


there's a lot more of you what need appreciatin', but I need to go back and drink.

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