March 12, 2004

you dizzy bitch...

I didn't need that.
It's ten-thirty, and I'm stepping off a skytrain after an hour of travelling, moved bodily away from fun times in Gage (and shortly thereafter in the SUB). There is no need to submit me to a guilt trip and then stony silence.

Oh no! You had to get in, and warm up, and drive the car.
Fuck, I'm insensitive! You had to walk from the house to the car.
I'm a horrible brother: I'll never attempt to have a social life again.

What part of Friday night do you not get? You were my age once, and I know you went out; there were many nights where I was so rudely interrupted by your arrival (front door locks were loud enough to wake anyone sleeping on the couch, ie me.) and I sucked it up.

So deal with it. I'm going to have a fucking life.

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