February 25, 2006


me: "so, guess what I learned to do yesterday!"
jordie: "I hope it's not sexual."
me: "unless port forwarding is some sort of new slang, it's not sexual."
both: [helpless giggling]


February 21, 2006


This Johari meme is interesting, but I think it could be better implemented by having the first user choose more things that they feel suits them and also by maybe having a section for traits that they don't feel apply.

anyway, give mine a shot: http://kevan.org/johari?name=heeeraldo


February 20, 2006

unpleasant first / phonephylactic

fell down the stairs yesterday, having slipped on a drawing my cousin "decorated" the stairs with. nothing broken, but I definitely felt it this morning, so if you're wondering why I'm not sitting, now you know.

also: I figured out how to get mp3 ringtones onto my phone1, but have yet to find one that doesn't turn me into That Guy2. Any suggestions?

1. I've joined the ranks of the RAZR'd.
2. y'know - That Guy; the one wearing the band's shirt to the show (or a Guinness shirt in an Irish-themed pub), or the one whose ringtone gets stuck in your head or the one who orders the ridiculous drink, doubling your wait time. The ones responsible for an unending stream of low-level annoyances. I don't want to be one.


February 04, 2006

my alarm clock is currently in a box somewhere, and so I've been using my iPod and a pair of speakers to wake myself up. Today, it was House of Jealous Lovers, which prompted a full-on pajamaclad dance party.

after a little hungover fumbling with slippers, I remembered that I hadn't plugged my phone in and so I went to retrieve it from my coat pocket.

...and found the trial packet of lube Jess had left in there.