February 20, 2006

unpleasant first / phonephylactic

fell down the stairs yesterday, having slipped on a drawing my cousin "decorated" the stairs with. nothing broken, but I definitely felt it this morning, so if you're wondering why I'm not sitting, now you know.

also: I figured out how to get mp3 ringtones onto my phone1, but have yet to find one that doesn't turn me into That Guy2. Any suggestions?

1. I've joined the ranks of the RAZR'd.
2. y'know - That Guy; the one wearing the band's shirt to the show (or a Guinness shirt in an Irish-themed pub), or the one whose ringtone gets stuck in your head or the one who orders the ridiculous drink, doubling your wait time. The ones responsible for an unending stream of low-level annoyances. I don't want to be one.


Quinn said...

howd u get the ringtones onto your phone?

im assuming the firmware on our phones is fairl similar

betterlucknexttimenobodyshome said...

I used to have a Sean Paul song as my ringtone, but that was years ago during ye olde high school era.

I searched for a low profile ring or a plain one as well, and now opt for the nokia ringtone, but people still make fun of it.

You just can't win my dear.


Claudia said...

Oh man. I've worn the band's shirt to the show before... but that was many years ago. Also, it was Weezer, so, really. You can't really get much dorkier than that.

PhotoDiarist said...

I keep my phone on vibrate, it's much simpler.

When I used to have a good ol polyphonic ringtone (before I dropped that phone in a toilet whilst drunk) I had Bittersweet Symphony which actually sounded really good and not too, That Guyish.