February 04, 2006

my alarm clock is currently in a box somewhere, and so I've been using my iPod and a pair of speakers to wake myself up. Today, it was House of Jealous Lovers, which prompted a full-on pajamaclad dance party.

after a little hungover fumbling with slippers, I remembered that I hadn't plugged my phone in and so I went to retrieve it from my coat pocket.

...and found the trial packet of lube Jess had left in there.


Nicole said...

Geeeeeeeeerald. I'm back.

And yes, I need help with web design, because I'm tired of template. Tell me, dearest, how does one change the title of comments to... well, something less benign than "0 comments posted".


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why they gave away nonlubricated condoms

I mean, come on, unlubricated condoms???

Anonymous said...

Unlubricated are important for those who partake in the bum sex, because many lubricants that come on today's standard PIV condom are unfriendly to the poop-chute.