January 31, 2006

day 3

the process of moving and painting and scrubbing and whatnot felt a lot like production week. I'm not really sure how else to put it.

still not entirely settled; have been rearranging clothing and "stuff" and wondering where the hell the first four trades of 100 Bullets have gone.

my bed is fantastic.
my room ended up looking pretty good; I was concerned before the furniture arrived because the walls looked very boring but now that it's here they provide a balance to the overwhelming greenness of everything else. I'll put up a picture when I find the camera, mostly for Brie. Also Drew, who reads these things secretly and then spews details when you run into him at the Gallery, which is freaky as all fuck.

tangential: it's been pointed out to me that I could take the 44 and then the skytrain, thus meaning that I would traverse the entire length of the "Expo Line" every day. I'm sort of tempted.


Anonymous said...

You should put up posters!

I need decorating ideas for my room.


Gerald said...

current plan is ACF posters and black and white photos, once I finish shooting the roll in my camera.

also, I need to pick up some blu-tack or whatever it's called.

Anonymous said...

What's your colour scheme?

Quinn said...

i would refrain from using bluetack... it leaves this oil stain like.. erm.. stain after awhile

there's a white coloured similarly useful product that does not... im not sure what its called... but it works.

either that, or back the part of you posters where you stick the bluetack with tape.